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Madeleine Albright Threatens Russia with NUKE WAR during DNC Speech if Hillary Clinton Wins

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Madeleine Albright wore the US great seal logo during the DNC speech. The eagle is normally facing the olive branch which symbolizes PEACE, her modified version of the US great seal was facing the arrows which symbolizes WAR. Now whether you believe in these symbols or not is IRRELEVANT, what’s relevant is that these people DO believe in this kind of symbolism.

Madeleine Albright, the US’ first female secretary of state, accused Russia’s president of hacking DNC emails to aid Donald Trump, while praising Hilary Clinton for having “Truman’s fighting spirit,” which she claims is needed if the US is to be kept safe. It wasn’t enough that Madeline wore a modified version of the great seal to represent war, she also hinted that Hillary is a warrior like Truman, the president who nuked Japan, twice. Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Albright, who made the US home at the age of 11, has spoken out in support of Clinton, urging fellow Democrats to support Hillary as “our next Commander-in-Chief.”

Having known the Clintons for over 25 years, Albright is sure that her former boss’s wife has “the experience and judgment to keep America strong, secure, and safe.”

Here is why, in Albright’s view, Clinton should enter the history books as America’s first female president.

1. “Truman’s spirit”

Madeleine Albright started her speech by recalling Harry Truman’s 1948 nomination to be America’s 33rd president, saying Clinton shares his tenacity.

“Tonight, in Philadelphia, we nominated someone with Truman’s fighting spirit to be our next president Hilary Clinton.”

Harry Truman is the president who nuked Japan, twice! Saying that Hillary will be like Truman, means nuclear war with Russia.

2. Clinton’s “smart power”

Clinton’s “smart power in every corner of the world” will also help make her a great leader “in this era, with these threats.”

“She fought terrorism. She stopped the spread of nuclear weapons,” Albright said. “She promoted diplomacy, defense, development, and democracy – smart power – in every corner of the world.”

However, one might note that Clinton’s foreign policy decisions regarding Benghazi, Libya have proven to be a thorn in her side, as well as her critics’ favorite target.

3. Big heart & cool head of which Trump ‘has none’

Clinton can’t be compared to her GOP rival, as she has a number of qualities Trump could never possess, like being a mother and a grandmother, which is how “she got her management skills.”

“It is a complex, round-the-clock job that demands not only a steady hand and a cool head, but also a big heart. In Cleveland, we were reminded that her opponent possesses none of them,” Albright said, comparing Clinton to herself.

In fact, they share one more similarity. Albright herself was one of the leading proponents of NATO’s bombing of Serbia in 1999.

4. Trump did damage just by running

Albright says it is important to “make sure” that Donald Trump “never happens,” because he “has already done damage, just by running for president.”

Trump’s “dark vision of America, one that’s isolated in the world, alienated from our allies, would be a disaster,” she said, providing the expertise of “someone who fled the Iron Curtain.”

5. Trump – A ‘gift’ for Putin

Madeleine Albright also appeared to go along with the DNC’s version of who leaked its emails – of course, Vladimir Putin did it.

“Given what we have learned about Russia’s recent actions, Putin is eager for Trump to win. And that should worry every American,” she said, while failing to reveal what, in fact, she thinks she has learned.

She has also said that she knows “what happens when you give the Russians a green light,” without offering any explanation as to that either.

The democrats are now obsessed with diverting the news narrative on the Wikileaks DNC emails, making it about WHO leaked the emails rather than whats in them. We asked before, we’ll ask again, SO WHAT if Russia released the emails? As far as we’re concerned it could be Martians and for all we care, GOOD! We applaud WHOEVER released these emails. We need to expose the corruption and take appropriate measures. We don’t care WHO released the emails, we care what’s in the emails.


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2 Responses to " Madeleine Albright Threatens Russia with NUKE WAR during DNC Speech if Hillary Clinton Wins "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Thats the same cocksucker mummy whom said that starving 500.000 Iraqi kids to death in the 90’s via sanctions was totally worth it…
    These are demons in a meatsuit, just like hitlery, they look like and they speak like demons.

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  2. donw123 says:

    The buildup of NATO on Russian border shows just how damaging the 30000 emails are to Hillary and Barry.

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