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Green Party Leader Jill Stein Takes Control Over Disappointed Bernie Supporters

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Outside of City Hall in downtown Philadelphia, Green Party candidate Jill Stein took the stage in the middle of a protest to address a large group of Jill Stein/Senator Bernie Sanders supporters.

Jill Stein told Bernie Supporters: “It’s a movement, not a man and it will not be stopped!”

Jill Stein has thrashed the DNC for their corruption and criticized Bernie Sanders for endorsing Hillary Clinton. The leftist media is already cheering the movement. The Huffington Post for example ran a story in which they called “Dr. Jill Stein The New Bernie Sanders“. Democracy Now also came in full support of Jill Stein.

The Democratic Party is in complete chaos. The more Bernie Sanders is calling for his supporters to vote for Hillary the more angry they are at both Bernie and Hillary.

Greeen Party leader Jill Stein is seeing an open door here for her own party. She says her principles and goals are similar to those of Bernie Sanders and she is calling for all disappointed Bernie Sanders supporters to quit the Democratic Party, join the Green Party and vote for her. She is already taking control of Bernie’s supporters with an iron fist, or we should rather say “Bernie’s FORMER supporters”.

Her plan is already working, just last night she gathered thousands of Bernie protesters and rallied at the DNC in Philadelphia chanting all sorts of things like: “Gill not Hill”, “Stop TPP”, “Lock her up!” “hell no DNC we won’t vote for Hillary”, etc. Many protesters carried signs saying “DEMEXIT” calling for a mass exodus of Democrats to the Green Party. Many former Bernie supporters are now booing Bernie whenever they get the chance.

This is an interesting and dangerous development here for both moderate parties of the country, for both the Democrats and the Republicans. Sure a third party might be good, but do we want a party filled with communists flying Soviet flags? Do we want to transform USA into Venezuela? No matter what we say here in this article or what proof do we offer to these communists, they will never quit their communist ideals now.

So it looks like the US communists already have a new Party now, the Green Party. The Green Party by definition isn’t necessarily communist but in this case, it will be if they accept all these millions of Bernie people. If all Bernie Democrats join her Party, it will definitely become a considerable force but the question is do we want such a party to lead Washington?

Well either we like the development or not, we have to admit, this is a great consolation prize for the Bernie voters which were all scammed by Bernie, the day he endorsed Hillary. Joining the Green Party would be a heavy slap to Hillary and to Bernie himself. Bernie will learn a heavy lesson that he will never forget, his betrayal was paid back in full.

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