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Donald Trump's Posture on Racial Tensions 'Far Better' Than Obama's

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s approach to restoring law and order in the United States will make him a more effective leader in mending US racial tensions than current President Barack Obama, Congressman Steve King told Sputnik.

He added that much of the division between citizens and law enforcement, that has turned violent in recent weeks, “is inspired out of the White House itself.”

“I think that Donald Trump’s posture on this will be far, far better than President Obama’s, but I’m not sure you can put all the pieces back together,” King said of the growing racial and social divisions in the United States, typified by recent police shootings.

In the past two weeks, five police officers in Dallas, Texas and three in Baton Rouge, Louisiana have been shot and killed by gunmen. The incidents followed tense protests around the country in the wake of police officers killing unarmed African-Americans.

Donald Trump responded to the Dallas police killings by affirming his commitment to restore “law and order” in the United States.

King affirmed his agreement with Trump to restore “law and order, and respect for the rule of law.”

King warned that tensions between citizens and law enforcement “can blow up in the streets pretty easily.” He added that the there has not been “this type of racial tension in America since 1968-69,” at the height of the civil rights movements.

On Monday, the opening day of the Republican National Convention featured a number of Trump supporters in law enforcement who demanded that “blue lives matter,” referring to police officers.


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One Response to " Donald Trump's Posture on Racial Tensions 'Far Better' Than Obama's "

  1. skreamer says:

    Israel is waiting for Trump to be president because hes going to give them an even better deal than Obama! (strange that they know he is going to be president before the election.) That’s all your hard earned money going to Jews so they can kill the last few Palestinians!
    Obama gives 3.7 Billion a year to kill Palestinians!
    I wonder what super Jew lover Trump will give the richest nation on Earth?
    Or maybe hes a puppet that’s told what to do!

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