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DNC LEAK: Ted Cruz's Father IS Linked to The JFK Assassination, Ted Also Asked DNC for Money

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Though we vowed not to report any more news on these vile snakes, we couldn’t resist this particular one.

It wasn’t just Donald Trump who floated the idea that Ted Cruz’s father was linked to radical Cuban groups.

The DNC was peddling the same story in their emails.

Wikileaks revealed the email in this weekend’s document dump.

Here is Luis Miranda – DNC Communications Director – reflecting on Trump’s various conspiracies, confirming Cruz’s father’s connections…

Via Zero Hedge:

While I will note that Cruz’s father was in fact a militant who fought the Batista regime (which Fidel Castro defeated) and it would not be unusual for him to be caught up in the ugly web of Cuban militants with questionable histories (just look at the cabinet in the basement, one of the Watergate burglars was…Cuban)…

…with plenty of other examples including a guy who blew up a plane and was basically given safe refuge in Texas…

…not to mention those who were involved in the ugly Central American wars in the 80s… I think this is a fun hit.

Looks like the National Enquirer was right again and Trump too though this was not Trump’s doing. He didn’t investigate, found and published the story, he only mentioned it, so all credit goes to the National Enquirer! Great job people! Awesome investigative skills, keep them coming.

The following video is a section of “Special Report With Bret Baier” on FOX News 24 July 2016. This was broadcasted at exactly 6:45-6:46PM. We’ve searched for the entire Special Report With Bret Baier on YouTube, we found it, it is 39 minutes long but this exact small 35 seconds portion was cut out, censored, banned, hidden, call it how you want, but its not there! So it looks like FOX is censoring Bret Baier for exposing Ted Cruz.

After a lot of work and hassle we were finally able to recover the deleted scene from Special Report With Bret Baier and upload it to YouTube. It’s an EXCLUSIVE, you won’t find it anywhere else, at least for now but it may spread in the future on other websites.

WikiLeaks: Ted Cruz begged DNC for Clinton Cash to wage RNC floor fight

The Wikileaks of Hillary’s emails have been released, and it appears that none other than Ted Cruz begged for money from the DNC and Hillary to wage an RNC floor fight last week.

Ted Cruz asked the DNC for MONEY to help fund his delegate fight in Cleveland. Specifically: Eric Bennett to and from Ken Cuccinelli, R-Virginia working with Ted Cruz and the DNC to undermine the delegate selection before the convention. Working to push through rules changes in the rules committee and working to flip bound delegates against the rules and state law. All co-ordinated with the DNC.

In the Wikileaks Emails ID 9203, Ken Cuccinelli asked DNC to fund Ted Cruz so he can protect his delegates who are allegedly being threatened by Trump supporters. Here are a few quotes from the leaks:

Eric, Ted sent you an email this morning about the danger GOP delegates are facing from Trump supporters, and now I’m emailing you because it’s way worse than we thought.

Politico is reporting that one delegate was warned to ‘hide his family and pray he makes it to Cleveland.’

…Rest assured — law enforcement is being notified, but that is not enough…so, will you please read Ted’s original email below, and make an IMMEDIATE contribution to the Delegate Defense Fund?

…As always, your thoughts, prayers, and financial support are deeply appreciated!

Thank you, Ken Cuccinelli Cruz for President

Ted Cruz begged Ken to help fund his Delegates, invoking some bogus life threats claims. Trump’s people were always the victims of endless riots and violence. Many got smacked in the face, and many more intimated and even fired from their jobs for supporting Trump.

In his email Cruz blamed Trump supporter Roger Stone for “disclosing the delegates hotel rooms” so they can get a** whooped. The truth is, Roger Stone called for Trump supporters to verbally confront Cruz delegates and ask them legitimate questions on what exactly happened in Colorado and Wyoming and why were the elections canceled and the delegates appointed in a massive voter fraud scandal. Utah was also a primary example of election fraud. This is an email FROM Ted Cruz to his henchman Ken Cuccinelli which was forwarded to DNC:

…Ken, That’s why I’ve asked my campaign to establish a Delegate Defense Fund — and I’m asking you to help me fund it.

…Ken, to make this happen — and give intimidated and harassed delegates the help and support they need — I’m asking you to immediately respond to this email. That’s why I’m putting together the Delegate Defense Fund; I need your immediate financial help to raise $500,000 — and we have to raise it IMMEDIATELY!

I cannot overstate the importance of this mission.

… P.S. If you agree, will you please stop now and make an immediate contribution to my Delegate Defense Fund?


Back in May 2016 we did warn that thousands of hacked emails will be released by Russia to destroy crooked and corrupted Hillary Clinton. Most believed it while some called it a “fake Sorcha Faal story”. Still think it was fake? Most Sorcha Faal stories (not all, obviously) are actually proving to be quite accurate. Over and over again.

Guess who the DNC is blaming for this massive leak? Russia! That’s not important however! So what if Russia released the leak??? Again, SO WHAT??? Does that somehow excuse the massive corruption that’s going on in the Democratic Party of America? In fact we would have to THANK Russia for exposing this vile rotten nest of corruption and for helping Americans to clean up their country.

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  • Ya’akovah Bourges

    I have no words for this snake head… but, I do have a lot of HATE though.

    • ed2knKC

      Guess you believe everything you read. Lol #nevertrump

  • Curtis2121

    CUCCINELLI is a TRAITOR and so is Cruz, asking DNC for money, SEE the American people are SMARTER than you think, they DID NOT VOTE for CRUZ, VOTED TRUMP!!

    • ed2knKC

      You really believe that lol. 12 million cross over democrats voted for Trump. #Nevertrump

      • yourmamasbabydaddy

        How many democrats crossed over to vote for Ronald Reagan?

  • ed2knKC

    You idiots believe everything you read lol. #nevertrump Always Cruz.

    • AZDynamics

      Do you have an intelligent answer to that, or is that your entire rebuttal?

    • William Burnam

      Someone’s a sore loser…

    • patechinois

      You Cruzlim idiots believe Cruz is a “consistent Constitutional conservative” because he says so. Actions speak louder than words though as Cruz has repeatedly worked in the Senate to subvert the Constitution’s treaty, treason, and separation of powers provisions (co-authoring and voting for Corker/Cardin amendment to usher in Obama’s Iran deal), championed TPA in the Senate again subverting the Constitution’s treaty, treason, and separation of powers provisions (and giving Obama OF ALL PEOPLE total control of trade deals). He also sided with vile Leftists who try to shut down conservatives peacefully assembling…yeah, some supporter of the concept of free speech and peaceful assembly. There are several other instances where Cruz was NOT a Constitutional conservative yet he tries to make claim that he was the only consistent Constitutional conservative. Bull. Cruz loves the Constitution…except for the parts that get in his and his globalist donors’ way.

      • CruzbotForTrump

        If it wasn’t for Mark Levin (who is now supporting Trump albeit half-assed) Cruz would be a NOBODY…..Levin is the one that pumped him up to the a great conservative.

    • CruzbotForTrump

      HOLY SH –IT dude, are you a TOTAL MORONIC IDIOT????

      Read the dam emails….even the DNC has confirmed it, they just didn’t help Cruz.

      Dam I am so glad I decided to back the #NEVERHELLary crowd.

      NO self-respecting Conservative would allow the SCOTUS to be DESTROYED by HELLary….including Cruz

    • CruzbotForTrump

      If it wasn’t for Mark Levin (who is now supporting Trump albeit half-assed) Cruz would be a NOBODY….

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