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Austrian Patriot Polling in Front Ahead of Election Do-Over

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Patriotic Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) candidate Norbert Hofer has a four percent lead over his main rival according to early opinion polls, as he looks to win a repeat of the Austrian presidential election, which is due to be held in October.

Hofer received 52 percent of support from respondents, while his opponent, Alexander Van der Bellen, a Green-backed independent, got 48 percent, according to a Gallup poll, commissioned by the Oesterreich newspaper.

Van der Bellen stole from Hofer by a slender margin in the presidential run-off in May, after he had finished in second following the first round.

However, May’s election results were declared void in July, after Hofer’s party challenged the result of the presidential election won by Van der Bellen by a mere 0.6 percent, with accusations of irregularities in the procedure of counting postal ballots.

If Hofer wins on October 2, Austria could look to follow in the footsteps of the UK and exit the EU. At the end of June, Hofer warned his country could hold a referendum on EU membership within a year if the bloc insists on political “centralization.”

“The founding fathers [of the EU] wanted to ensure closer economic cooperation because states that cooperate economically do not wage war against each other. That worked very well until the political union was founded,” Hofer told the local tabloid Oesterreich.


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2 Responses to " Austrian Patriot Polling in Front Ahead of Election Do-Over "

  1. rh2 says:

    October 2 is a long time away, and anything underhanded can happen for the Greens to “win” again. I don’t trust elections – be they in Austria or any other country that has a large Leftie demographic. They cannot be relied on anymore to give honest, accurate results of the actual voting. There is too much manipulation going on by people who want to win any way at all. Lefties will do whatever it takes to obtain the desired election result. . . honesty be damned!

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  2. oloha75 says:

    KILL every sandnigger in your country .

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