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Australian Prime Minister Turnbull Declares Elections Victory

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The Australian Liberal-National coalition leader and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull claimed victory on the parliamentary elections held on July 2, media reported Sunday.

The parliamentary elections are being held every three years in Australia. The voters regularly elect 150 legislators of the lower chamber and 38 out of 76 lawmakers of the upper chamber. After the upper chamber legislators dismissed two draft bills proposed by the government, incumbent Prime Minister Turnbull dissolved both chambers, thus making all 226 seats in parliament eligible for election.

“This is a great day today. We have resolved this election and have done so peacefully. It’s something we should celebrate and not take for granted,” Turnbull told reporters, as cited by the ABC broadcaster.

Earlier in the day, Bill Shorten, the leader of the opposition Australian Labor Party, admitted his party’s elections defeat, promising to work towards bipartisanship whenever possible and to strive towards having a functioning parliament.

“It’s vital that this parliament works, it is vital that we work together and as far as we can try to find ways upon which we can all agree… We are trustees for future generations. Everything we do is about the future,” Turnbull said.

The coalition has so far gained 42 percent of public support, election results with 79.6 percent of votes counted suggest while Labor Party has gained just 35 percent. The Greens party appears to be in the third place, having secured some 9.8 percent of votes.

None of the other parties have gained over 2 percent of votes.

76 seats are needed to form a government without the need of post-election coalition.

In May, Turnbull dissolved the parliament after the upper chamber legislators dismissed two draft bills proposed by the government.


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