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American Energy Alliance Endorses Donald Trump for President

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Coal miners endorsed Donald Trump in West Virginia after Hillary Clinton promised to get rid of their jobs.

The American Energy Alliance endorsed Republican Donald Trump today over Hillary Clinton.

American Energy Alliance reported:

The U.S. is at a crossroads when it comes to our federal energy policy. Over the last eight years President Obama has subjected the American people to policies that fundamentally transform our energy economy into just another politicized arm of Washington. President Obama has rewarded his contributors with government mandates and taxpayer subsidies, rather than allowing Americans to choose what works for them. The outcome of this election will determine whether we continue this destructive agenda or take a more free-market approach that will result in affordable, reliable energy for every American.

“The contrast between the two candidates’ energy platforms could not be greater. Donald Trump’s message is one of optimism, prosperity, and abundance where the needs of consumers and workers are put first. Hillary Clinton’s message is one of political favors and cronyism that puts the agenda of her favored special interests above all else.

“Donald Trump has put forth a plan that would move our country forward by opening up more federal lands and waters for energy exploration of all kinds, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to tap into our vast resources, unwinding the Obama administration’s harmful regulations, and subjecting the Paris Agreement to the scrutiny it deserves. These policies will usher in an era of prosperity that will strengthen our economy, put more money in the pockets of American families, and lift many struggling Americans out of poverty. It will make America more secure and more Americans better off.

“Hillary Clinton offers the American people a plan that would move our country backwards—hurting all American families, but especially the poorest among us. At the bidding of special interest groups, Secretary Clinton has promised to ban production of natural gas, coal, and oil on federal lands, discourage the use of innovative technologies, and vigorously implement the Obama administration’s destructive regulations and the Paris Agreement that extends U.N. control over American citizens.

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton offer two very distinct paths for the future of our country. Where Donald Trump promises prosperity and growth, Hillary Clinton promises a third term of President Obama’s regressive climate agenda.


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3 Responses to " American Energy Alliance Endorses Donald Trump for President "

  1. Comment says:

    There are People who think that if the Money that was spent on the Illegal and Immoral War in Iraq had been spent on the Environment, then America would Not have droughts and other Environmental problems, and more Americans would have Employment.

    There could be People who think that because I think that Fossil Fuels using and Clean Mining and Cleanest Technology for rich Countries should be used, and I favor Good Science and Good Economics over the Lies of Junk Science and Unnecessary Unemployment, and Many Workers would Vote for Political Parties that pursue Proper Science and Good Economics, but Fracking for Gas is Bad for the Environment.

    This Junk Science regarding carbon dioxide and its Alleged effect on the Climate was devised by Vested Interests, because Ordinary American Voters Know that carbon dioxide is Not a problem for the Environment.

    Carbon dioxide was Slandered and Honest Experts Know these things, and they inform them of Good Science and Good Economics.

    I think that every statement should be considered on its own merits, and not on when or who wrote it, because we Know that the Clintonite Corruptocrats are the Masters of every type of Lie and Trickery.

    It is my own Research on what is causing Climate Change, and while I agree that Climate can and does change, I Disagree that it is carbon dioxide that is a major or even significant factor, and I think that the Major Causes of Climate Change are Deforestation, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP, and Solar Flares.

    There are Scientists who have PhD Degrees, and as a group, they disagree on every aspect of the Climate Science Debate, and because these PhD Scientists Cannot all be correct on every aspect of Climate Science, then it is up to Individuals to make up their own minds on this matter.

    This is what I have done on this matter, and some Scientists say that the Polar Ice Caps are Melting and other Scientists say that the Polar Ice Caps are Increasing in size, but this comment mainly deals with the Fact that the much Slandered carbon dioxide, which is a Vital Plant Nutrient, and essential for biological life on this Planet, and which exists in Trace quantities is Not causing any problems to the Environment.

    There could be some People who think that some Officials and Representatives want Publically Funded Climate Junkets, and that a few of the Males like extra motel service at Public Expense at Climate Junkets, while there could be some People who think that a few Females Like Money and Luxurious Nuclear Shelters.

    There could be some People want to make Money so that they can Afford to build Nuclear Shelters for themselves, for the day that Mismanagement of the Environment makes it necessary for them to reside in those Large Luxury Nuclear Shelters, with the decades of supplies that they contain, including Drugs and Alcohol.

    Al Gore made one Billion Dollars from his Climate book that is Titled: An Inconvenient Truth, but perhaps Al Gore’s book should be Titled: A Convenient Lie, because to make one Billion Dollars on a Lie either intentionally or unintentionally could be Convenient to some People, and Al Gore said in 2008 that all of the Glaciers and Polar Ice Caps would have melted by 2013, but the Glaciers and Polar Ice Caps are bigger than they have ever been, since there were records on this.

    Those who would want to make America a Dictatorship, would use Environmental Problems, but their Wrong remedies are based on Lies that they Know to be Deliberate Lies, and their Wrong proposed solutions would make Environmental matters worse, and its Purpose is to make America a Dictatorship, and after their Deliberately Wrong remedies do not work, then they will suggest more of the same Wrong remedies and say that More Dictatorship is needed to Care for the Environment.

    There is a Controversy regarding what is causing climate change, and some People say that carbon dioxide is the major or entire cause of climate change, but Slandering Innocent carbon dioxide could be used by the Unprincipled to create a Military Dictatorship in America for WW 3.

    I believe that the climate does change under certain conditions, and I have done a considerable amount of Research on this matter, and I have found that the major and Deliberately Unmentioned cause of climate change is Deforestation, and then there is usually stronger Solar Flares, and High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP, and that carbon dioxide does not contribute to climate change.

    There are People who think that Geo Engineering and Chemtrails are added Causes of climate change to that of Deforestation.

    This is being done in America with Chemtrails, and those who are against Chemtrails say that those who are Deliberately Mismanaging America’s Environment are using the method of Unnecessarily creating a Problem in order to create a Dictatorship as a supposed solution.

    I have Not researched this matter of Chemtrails, but I think that this comment will show that carbon dioxide does Not contribute to climate change regardless of what Chemtrails may be doing to America’s climate.

    These People say that the Geo Engineering with Chemtrails is causing droughts in America and that this helps to support the Deception by the Deceivers that carbon dioxide is a problem for the Environment.

    Those with Vested Interests who do Not care that America’s Environment is being Deliberately Mismanaged have Invented the Lie that carbon dioxide is causing climate change.

    Carbon dioxide is called a greenhouse gas, yet it is a Vital Plant Nutrient, and it exists in trace quantities in the atmosphere, and it does Not affect the climate.

    It is said that there are five major greenhouse gases, and they are water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and carbon dioxide, but only carbon dioxide is mentioned as being the entire cause of climate change.

    Water vapor is claimed to account for 60 % of the warming effect, and there is much water vapor in the Tropics, and it does Not heat up the Tropics, and it is the Humidity that makes it appear to be hotter to Humans, even though it is a cooler temperature than the Deserts which have very little humidity.

    The Sahara Desert used to be a Tropical Rainforest, and so it Obviously had a tropical rainforest Climate, and it became a Desert long before automobiles or industrialization, and its climate changed to that of Desert Climate, and carbon dioxide was Not the cause of climate change in the Sahara, but it was Deforestation that caused that, the Little Ice Age between about 1300 and 1870 during which Europe and North America had much colder winters than during the following century, and Scientists have suggested that orbital cycles, decreased solar activity, altered ocean current flows were factors for that Little Ice Age of 1300 to 1870, and carbon dioxide does Not affect the Climate.

    There are People who say that if our Planet did Not have greenhouse gases, then the Planet would freeze, and American winters would be Much Colder than what they currently are.

    They say that greenhouse gases prevent the Planet from Freezing, but they do Not cause the climate to change significantly, because if the alleged greenhouse gas of carbon dioxide creates deserts, then those desert regions have less of the greenhouse gas of water vapor in the atmosphere, and so the Planet should be cooling rather than warming according to their theory, but greenhouse gases are Not causing climate change, and there are Scientists who say that the Planet has been Cooling, but it is Deforestation rather and Innocent carbon dioxide that cause Climate Change.

    Deserts cause increases in daytime temperatures in Deserts, and Deserts are Colder than rainforests at night, but I do not know the Overall temperature difference for daytime and nighttime for a Desert Sahara Desert compare to the once Rainforest Sahara, but Humans Cannot survive on a Planet that was Entirely Desert, and so the temperature of that Planet would be the lesser consideration compared to its level of Forestation.

    This is because it is Deforestation that causes climate change, and if there are such things as greenhouse gases, then they can be compared to doing the job that a climate control unit does in a room that keeps that room at a constant temperature, and if a heater (deforestation) or a cooler (reforestation) were switched on in that room (this planet), then the temperature or climate of that room (this planet) would change.

    The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one twenty fifth of one percent of the atmosphere, or 400 parts per million in the atmosphere, and it Cannot be responsible for climate change.

    There is no mention of doing anything against the other greenhouse gases like water vapor, because that is impossible, and there is no way to stop vegetation from decomposing and becoming methane, and nitrous oxide is created by bacteria in the soil, and it would be lethal to biological life on this Planet if there were no ozone in the atmosphere, and Deserts have very little water and produce very little water vapor, and Deserts have very little vegetation and produce very little methane, and so Deserts should cool the Planet if the greenhouse gases theory were correct, but we Know that the Lies on carbon dioxide were Invented to create a Dictatorship in America, and the Planet during that Little Ice Age had Much Forests, and it had no Alleged problems of sea levels rising.

    Every alleged greenhouse gas has a natural cycle which keeps it in its proper balance, and that includes carbon dioxide with the carbon cycle, and it can become slightly out of its original balance because of Deforestation, and it is restored into original balance with Reforestation, and All Scientists Know these Facts, but Forests have to be restored to an appropriate balance to solve the Problem of climate change, because it is Deforestation that causes climate change.

    This means that those who are Deliberately Mismanaging America’s Environment and their Puppets who happen to have Science Degrees, and who Know how to Lie and Talk Over ordinary People with their scientifically sounding Lies, and who Know how to Accept Bribes can only mention Innocent carbon dioxide, because they Cannot speak against the other alleged greenhouse gases, because People would Know that they were either mentally sick or Lying Again as Usual.

    Furthermore, there are People who say that there is no such thing as a greenhouse gas, because gases cannot trap heat, because the Laws of Physics says that Heat Always travels from the hotter object to the cooler object, regardless of whether it is a solid, a liquid, or a gas.

    Certain Vested Interests in America want to build a Corrupt Business Model in order to increase their Dictatorship with creating Favored Monopolies, who will be given a way Not to pay carbon taxes, and small businesses will Not be able compete because of Unnecessary Carbon Taxes and other Unnecessary Regulations that will increase Unemployment, and which is based Entirely on the Lie that carbon dioxide is the cause of climate change.

    The moon has no atmosphere, and this is why there are large differences in the temperate or climate on the moon between day and night on the moon, and the moon does have days and nights, but we only see one side of the moon, because the moon rotates on its axis exactly once for each time it revolves around the Earth, and this is because of Gravity and the Ocean Tides and that one side of the moon is heavier than the rest of the moon, and so we see only one side of the moon.

    The Earth has a thin layer of Atmosphere, which regulates the climate of the Earth.

    The moon does Not have trees, and trees absorb and retain heat during the day, and they release that heat during the night, and this make variations in the daytime and nighttime climate in a forest much less than what it is in a desert.

    Furthermore, a thin layer of trees further regulates the climate of the Earth, because trees put water vapor in the atmosphere that creates clouds which reflects heat back into space, and this cools the Planet, and the clouds produce rain, which cools the Planet, and rain prevents droughts.

    The oceans absorb carbon dioxide, and there are over 200 underwater volcanoes in the oceans that produce more carbon dioxide than Humans do, and trees take in carbon dioxide and store carbon in the wood and they release oxygen, and so Reforestation will also reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but carbon dioxide at these low levels Cannot affect the Climate.

    This is because Deforestation and Reforestation are the major causes of climate change with too much Deforestation being detrimental to proper climate, and sufficient Reforestation being beneficial to proper climate.

    Big Businesses are Deforesting Forests and planting Palm Oil to create bio fuels, and bio fuels create carbon dioxide, but carbon dioxide is Not a problem, and so bio fuels are Not the problem, but they create the problem of Deforestation to grow the Palm Oil trees, and Deforestation causes detrimental climate change.

    The Earth is mostly moving molten earth with a thin layer of solid earth on the surface, and the weight of the oceans is tremendous, and so islands can move up or down, and is this because the oceans are rising, or because the islands are sinking into the oceans.

    Geologists know that this happens because of what are called guyots, which are seamounts that have been built above sea level, but erosion by waves eroded the top of the seamount resulting in a flattened shape, and due to the movement of the ocean floor, where the sea floor gradually sinks and then the flattened guyots were submerged into the ocean.

    People are Not against the Government or Private Companies researching into alternative energy that will be needed one day, or using alternative green energy if these alternatives become cheaper than fossil fuels, and they think that certain Vested Interests have an Ulterior Motive to create Favored Monopolies, which would be sustained with a Military Dictatorship in America.

    People should consider what the climate of the Earth which is Entirely like the Sahara Desert would be like at https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Sahara+Desert&client=aff-maxthon-maxthon4&hs=btw&affdom=maxthon.cn&channel=t18&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj58-mWyJDLAhUJ0mMKHdceBVoQ_AUIBygB&biw=1872&bih=931 , and then consider the climate of the Earth that is Entirely Rainforests at https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Rainforest&client=aff-maxthon-maxthon4&hs=naH&affdom=maxthon.cn&channel=t18&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjEha7MyJDLAhVG-GMKHeZwBZQQ_AUIBygB&biw=779&bih=387 , and they can see that it is Deforestation which causes the Climate to change and it has Nothing to do with carbon dioxide or any other Greenhouse Gas at https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Deforestation&client=aff-maxthon-maxthon4&hs=wHc&affdom=maxthon.cn&channel=t18&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiilfmCyZDLAhVB7WMKHfz8Ch4Q_AUIBygB&biw=1872&bih=931 .

    If the Trillions of Dollars that were spent on the Wars in the Middle East were used to Reforest the Deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, then there would Not be a Climate Problem today, and there are Massive Deserts in the rich Country of Australia who can afford to Reforest those Deserts, and there are Deserts in Asia and America, and the Middle East has Oil with which to pay for their Reforestation.

    Those who are Deliberately Mismanaging America’s Environment want Americans who work in the fossil fuel Industry lose their jobs, and they are lowering the prices of fossil fuels to the Sellers of the Comparatively Cheaper fossil fuels, which decreases the income of the Middle East, and makes it more Difficult for them to Fund the Reforestation of their Deserts.

    I am Not suggesting that America pays for the Reforestation of the Deserts of the Middle East and North Africa, because they should be allowed to Fund that themselves with fair oil prices, and America has Much Deserts which could have been Reforested, with that Money Wasted on Wars in the Middle East which Senator Hillary Clinton Voted for then or Caused as Secretary of State.

    There are Environmentalists who Know these Facts, but they Know that Democrat Vice President Al Gore became Rich with his Lies, and they Also want a Dictatorship in America.

    How do we know that the so called Coral bleaching is due to warmer temperatures, or that it is due to Deliberate chemical poisoning of Coral Reefs to Slander Innocent carbon dioxide, which is Not responsible for anything that is bad that is happening to the Environment.

    The production of solar panels creates much pollution, and solar panels can only look good if the Lie of carbon dioxide being a problem is accepted by the Deceived, but carbon dioxide does not affect the Climate.

    There would very little Poverty or Unemployment today in America if Reforestation of American Deserts had been at the Agenda, rather than looking to make America a Military Dictatorship for WW 3 using Innocent carbon dioxide as their excuse.

    We Know that those who are Deliberately Mismanaging America’s Environment have said that People who deny climate change can be compared to Holocaust deniers, but I do Not deny the Holocaust, and I do Not deny that the climate has changed because of Human activity, but it is Not because of carbon dioxide, and if the richer Countries of the Earth are Not Reforested to the sufficient degree, then it will cause another Holocaust.

    The detrimental changes to the climate are Not because of Innocent carbon dioxide, and it is Not because of Innocent fossil fuels and it is Not because of Innocent bio fuels, but it is because of Guilty Deforestation, and some People would include that in America it is also because of Guilty Geo Engineering along with Chemtrails.

    There are droughts in North Africa and the Middle East caused by Guilty Deforestation, and these will increase the numbers of Refugees due to climate change, and Problems that were Greatly Exacerbated by the Hillary Clinton Led and Dominated Clintons, such as the Deregulation of the Banking System, the Sub Prime lending, Anti Constitutionalism, and many other things which are needed to make America a Dictatorship.

    The Solution is for sufficient Reforestation in the Middle East, North Africa, Australia, and in America, and that would compensate for the Deforestation in the poorer Countries.

    Hillary Clinton wants a Dictatorship in America, because she wants to be Above the Law, regarding her Treasons, her Corruptions, and her Criminalities.

    The Constitutionalist Environmentalists want to Reforest the Deserts of America, and they do Not want to Slander Innocent carbon dioxide, or create a Dictatorship in America, because Proper Science shows how to Care for the Environment.

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  3. skreamer says:

    They would endorse my penis if you paid them enough money!

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