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Trump Only 4 Points Behind Hillary with Latinos Despite Constant Media Attacks

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Donald Trump is currently running only 4 points behind Lyin Crooked Heartless Hillary Clinton with Latino voters despite mass media psychopaths screaming like mental patients escaped from the asylum: “RAYYYYSIST RAYYYYSIST RAYYYYSIST TRUMP” each and every single day of the calendar.

Trump is also doing quite well with the the black voters considering he is a Republican. Republicans usually get only a handful of votes from the African American community but Trump gained 26% support among black voters! This is devastating news for DEMONcRATS! If the Demon Rat Party loses 37% of the Hispanic vote and 25% of the black vote to GOP they will lose the election in a landslide.

FOX News Latino reported:

It is evident that Donald Trump has rewritten the rules of political campaigning, leaving the so- called experts, analysts, journalists and even the GOP itself puzzled by the power and effectiveness of his approach…

…Latino advocacy groups and some celebrities have launched powerful videos, protests and campaigns against Trump. Recognized conservative voices like Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez, the Bush family, and even Pope Francis himself have made their discontent clear with the candidate, but could it be possible he is actually gaining support among Hispanics?

Numerous articles and Op-Eds have discounted his so-called “rise” among Latinos by pointing out the flawed nature of polls. Back in February, after claiming a win with 46 percent of the Hispanic vote in Nevada, critics quickly challenged the full sample size of voters captured to disregard the number. Most recently, Latino Decisions published an article called “Why Polls On Latinos Get It Wrong,” confirming that current ways of polling are under-representing Latinos’ voice.

Clearly, conventional political research is in question, but what if big data analysis reveals Trump’s rise is real, based on a sample size of over 1 million Hispanics?

Based on big data analysis over the last 30 days as of June 1st, Trump reports 37 percent of Hispanic positive sentiment versus 41 percent for Clinton. Surprisingly, the candidates tie in negative sentiment across Hispanics at 38 percent, discounting the fact that Latinos default as Democrats or are completely turned off by Trump’s off-color comments. After all, over 50 percent of Latinos identify as political independents.

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