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This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected if it Goes Viral

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The American people need to realize that Donald J. Trump is our last hope. He is the only person who is capable of saving America and the Western World as a whole from falling into the depths of despair due to globalist agendas and a crippling political correctness era.

These clips show Donald Trump from all the way back in 1986 up until present day, and they do a fantastic job at demonstrating the kind of person Trump is, and why he deserves to be the next president.

Time stamps to each segment:

* 1980 Rona Barrett Interview 00:10
* 1987 Oprah Interview 00:47
* 1988 GOP Convention 01:58
* 1989 Interview 02:55
* 1991 C-Span Interview 04:59
* 1999 Press Interview 06:05
* 2004 CNN Interview 06:27
* 2007 Larry King Live 07:00
* 2011 Steve Forbes Interview 07:27
* 2012 CNN Comments on Romney 09:08
* 2012 CNBC Interview on Economy 09:22
* 2014 Speaking at CPAC 11:18
* 2015 Press Event 14:17

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  • Feriss.H

    Trump’s speeches and attitude does not resonate only in the heads of derailed Liberal Retards. Every sane traditional individual accepts and understand what and how Trump is saying. Trump walks the walk, while Progressively Retarded Lefties just talk the talk. Multiculturalism, Homosexuality, “progressive” Liberalism, erring egalitarianism and other derailed “philosophies” brought us here where we are now – TOTAL DISASTER!

    • skreamer

      Blacks, Jews, and now Homosexuals! Your right FeriSS! We should start rounding them up!

      • Feriss.H


        • skreamer

          Yes! U2 they suck! Especially Bono!

          • Feriss.H

            agree :)), & u2

          • skreamer

            Yes feriSS…you said that!

  • skreamer

    Vote for the clown who can bullshit the best! Im sure super Trump well change the world and make it a better place and we well all live happily ever after! YAWN!!!!
    If you believe that then your very young!

  • skreamer

    You think, if this clown has so much money and cares about people he would advertise the fact they are putting rat poison in the drinking water! He don’t give a fuck! He drinks bottled water!

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