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Paul Ryan To Campaign for Hillary Clinton, Needs to be Stopped from Reelection

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Republican Speaker Paul Ryan attacked GOP nominee Donald Trump Tuesday at a public Washington DC rally.

Ryan called Trump’s attacks on La Raza Judge Gonzalo Curiel as “textbook racism.”

The White House started using Ryan’s words in their own attacks on Donald Trump later that afternoon.

On Sunday Ryan will go on CBS to continue his attacks on Donald Trump.

He might as well cut an ad for Hillary Clinton. We strongly urge everyone to join Sarah Palin’s efforts to stop Paul Ryan from being reelected in Wisconsin this autumn! It is highly unlikely because Wisconsin is an establishment state, with heavy neoconery. Ted Cruz won dinosaur-establishment state of Wisconsin by colluding with fellow establishment filth such as Wisconsin gov. Scott Walker and Paul Ryan. So because of that, it is extremely unlikely for Paul Ryan’s competitor Paul Nehlen to win. According to polls Paul Ryan unfortunately has a heavy lead over Nehlen but maybe Wisconsinites will wake up and turn things around.

PAUL RYAN IS NOT A TRUE REPUBLICAN! He is a globalist/internationalist liberal scumbag who has delayed the endorsement of the Republican nominee whom was elected with record number of votes by more than 13 million in a race with 17 people or 18 including early-drop out Scott Walker. He does NOT care about the people, he only cares about his own liberal agenda. Ryan should go join the Demon-Rat Party!

Paul Ryan will also double-down on his attacks on GOP nominee Donald Trump on Sunday morning on Face the Nation.

The interview was already recorded.

CBS News reported:

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, has strongly disavowed comments made by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump less than a week after endorsing him. In a Face the Nation interview set to air this upcoming Sunday, host John Dickerson asked the Speaker how his endorsement is “sitting,” after Donald Trump’s allegation that a judge presiding over a lawsuit involving Trump University is biased due to the his Mexican heritage. Ryan responded with a laugh saying, “It could be better.”

“I do think that those comments are racist comments” Ryan said. “That’s why I’ve disavowed them completely. What bothers me about the comments is it doesn’t reflect who we are or what we think or how we think as Republicans.”

Speaker Ryan added that “the notion that someone’s ethnicity or race effects the way they do their job is completely the opposite of what we believe.” Ryan said.

“I don’t think that those are appropriate comments by any stretch of the mind” the Speaker stated and added, “Hopefully a lesson will be learned here and we can move forward with a better campaign.”

** Only 22% of Republicans believe Donald Trump’s comments on La Raza Judge Curiel were racist.

But before he goes on the Sunday talk shows Paul Ryan will be meeting with Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Tom Cotton and GOP Chair Reince Priebus.


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2 Responses to " Paul Ryan To Campaign for Hillary Clinton, Needs to be Stopped from Reelection "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    WTF is a la raza judge? Is that a title?
    la raza is a racist organistaion made of mexican immigrants whom aim to take back the southern states “reconquista” they use very similar tactics to the jihadists in Europe, so how can a judge be a part of a terrorist organisation? And how can politicians praise it?
    There is no leadership in the U.S. anymore, its like a big ass aircraft carrier in a storm and nobody is at the helm, pathetic.

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  2. rh2 says:

    Nothing new here. Ryan is a two-faced Sack of Shit whose specialty is stabbing people in the back! It’s who he is and it’s what he does. The snake has a history of betraying people who put their trust in him – a long history! Let’s hope Trump won’t let Ryan’s desertion affect his successful campaign in any way, except to tread carefully with any other dubious characters that might be in his camp.

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