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Mystery over Who Blocked the Pulse Club Exit Door During the Rampage Solved

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There were a few survivors who told the press about someone holding the door shut but most of the American mainstream media vastly ignored this subject as if it didn’t exist. Well now the guy who blocked the exit door came out in the open and confessed the whole thing. Turns out it was one of the gay clubgoers who managed to escape among the first. The guy’s name is Luis Burbano who is a Mexican actor who confessed that despite hearing bangings in the door and probably even screams like “open the dooooooooor, heeeeeeelp!” he kept blocking it!

Logically, this makes him an accomplice and a tool to the slaughtering and he should be imprisoned for the rest of his life for this, but do logic still exist in America? Or is it just a country of political correctness and social justice warriors b***hing like little kids every day? No matter if he did it on purpose as an accomplice to Omar Mateen or wrongfully believed that this was the right thing to do at the moment, he is still guilty for the the deaths of dozens of fellow gays. If he was a straight white guy he would have been all locked up by now, seconds after the first interview, as a vicious hateful homophone.

This patron at the Pulse nightclub told reporters he fled the building then blocked the only free exit from the club preventing others from escaping.

Patron: We just started pushing and pushing and then when we got that 10 second break we went to this alleyway which led for only employees and we tried, me and this random guy, tried blocking the door. At that point like I said the bullets were getting louder and closer. So we blocked this door and we did hear banging. I pray it wasn’t anyone trying to escape because I would forever feel guilty.

He also confessed the same thing to Megyn Kelly on FOX News, saying: “There was banging, there was pushing of the door” but he just did what he thought was right, kept blocking the door. Go to minute 4:50 and see for yourself!

The trapped crowd was banging on the door and he wouldn’t let them out! Unbelievable!

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