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Muslims in Turkey, West Bank Celebrate after Tel Aviv Terror Attack

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Islamists disguised as Orthodox Jews, killed 4 Jews and injured others at a busy Tel Aviv market. 13 people suffered gunshot wounds following the Islamic terror attacks.

The two attackers were captured alive. One terrorist was gunned down but taken alive.

Israeli authorities have banned 83,000 entry permits for Palestinian Muslims including all for Ramadan and those for family visits from the West Bank to Israel.

Hamas praised the attack in a statement but it did not claim responsibility.

Following the attacks, other Muslims around the worlds celebrated the deadly terror attack.

In Turkey’s largest city Istanbul they handed out sweets in the streets and Muslims in the West Bank celebrated the Islamist attacks.

Disgraceful: Palestinians in Istanbul hand out sweets to express their joy following Tel Aviv mass shooting attack. Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza are also celebrating.

Turkey is currently aspiring to become a EU member state but more and more people are questioning Turkey’s entry in the European Union, considering their radicalization under Sultan Erdogan.

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