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Media, San Jose Mayor Justify Anti-Trump Violence, Attack on Woman

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While some condemned the wave of violence carried out by anti-Trump agitators in San Jose yesterday, segments of the leftist media justified the carnage, even going so far as to blame a woman who was surrounded and assaulted by vicious Mexican flag-waving thugs.

CNN reporter Sara Murray claimed that the woman had “taunted” the mob, although video footage shows little other than the woman expressing her pride in being a Trump supporter before being pelted with eggs and bottles.

Murray seemed to be a little embarrassed by her tweet, later going to lengths to point out that anti-Trump agitators were attacking people who did not antagonize them in any way.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, a Hillary Clinton supporter also blamed Trump for the violence carried out by anti-Trump radicals, remarking, “At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign.”

The left-wing Guardian also unapologetically tried to downplay the violence, blaming Trump supporters for being “intent on provoking and fighting as well.”

The newspaper reported that protesters had “gathered peacefully outside the convention center” and that the shift in mood was the fault of “One woman in Trump apparel (who) taunted the crowd.”

The report also justifies how angry mobs surrounded cars being driven by Trump supporters, blaming one Trump voter for, “almost hitting several people and sending the protesters running.”

The report notes that the clashes only turned violent “once Trump was in the venue and began speaking,” subtly blaming the Republican candidate for the mayhem.

The Conservative Treehouse points out that, “A violent mob of several hundred were allowed by the San Jose Police Department and Democrat San Jose Mayor to attack Donald Trump supporters as they were leaving the rally venue.”

During the height of the unrest, Vox editor Emmett Rensin openly called for more riots, emphasizing again how the leftist media is legitimizing the mayhem.

As the video clips below illustrate, Trump supporters are clearly the victims of this crazed violent mob, being attacked even when they attempt to retreat, yet the media still insists on blaming Trump and his supporters.

A Trump supporter who is walking away from the convention center is brutally hit with a sucker punch.

Another Trump supporter walking away and minding his own business is left bleeding after being whacked by an object from behind.

A Hispanic man throws a punch at Trump supporters before more anti-Trump agitators chase a Trump supporter down the street.

Another anti-Trump radical launches a fist at a Trump supporter.

The Associated Press later reported that, “There were no immediate reports of injuries,” despite innumerable videos showing Trump supporters being viciously attacked.

Other videos show anti-Trump radicals ripping up American flags as they wave Mexican flags while trashing America.

Once again, the media has been caught lying in an attempt to prolong the debunked narrative that Trump and his supporters are to blame for the violence, when in almost every instance it’s violent, hateful, aggressive anti-Trump agitators who are brazenly attacking people on the street with no provocation whatsoever.


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3 Responses to " Media, San Jose Mayor Justify Anti-Trump Violence, Attack on Woman "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    And there are still leftard european-americans supporting these third world trash, America is falling, whites are the new jews and govt backed immigrants are their nazi enforcers, sad but True.
    KUDOS for that girl, she has definately bigger balls than I, a bit suicidal but fuck it, we have to take a stand against these trash, also it would be great if next time it would be some former military guys armed to the teeth, bring it on fuckers.

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  2. Johan says:

    Only ardent criminals can justify and condone such blatant savage criminal behavior by human trash. Victory to Trump and his supporters over liberal socialist scum!!!

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  3. Feriss.H says:

    My dear Americans (Traditional European Americans), did you forgot Alamo? Is this the way how you are now wasting your heritage, by letting Latrino turds to kick your asses in your own country?

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