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Leftist Mafia Can't Accept Democracy, Demand Second Brexit Referendum

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The globalist leftist gangster mafia is now pushing for a second Brexit referendum because the first one did not finish as they wanted. Unbelievable! What happened to the democracy and to the golden rule of Majority Rules? The UK had its vote already and it decided to EXIT the EU by 1.3 million votes. Voter turnout was also a huge 72%. What if supposedly there will be a second referendum in which Leave wins again? What then? There will be a third, a fourth and so on until these bastards get it their way? Normal citizens will get tired of voting again and again on the same issue and eventually they won’t vote at all they will just stay home, but these leftist zealots will go to the polls and cast their votes like crazy even 100 times if necessary!

Democracy has been invented in ancient Greece. The word Democracy itself is a Greek word, a combination between two words to be more specific: DEMOS which means “people” and KRATOS which means “power”. People’s Power or better said People’s Will and this referendum is exactly that, the will of the people! Respect it, or you are not a true democrat but a dictatorial leftist scumbag!

This proves beyond doubt that the leftist establishment is a corrupted mafia dictatorship. It cannot accept the will of the people! The people have spoken already! You can’t ask them over and over again on the same issue. These leftist internationalists need to be arrested and locked up for life in prison. They do not deserve to see the light of the day ever again for having the impertinence to ask for a second referendum. They are a threat to society, to freedom and to democracy! Right wingers need to get tough and they need to ready the jails for these thugs.

Tony Blair’s former chief of staff told the BBC tonight that there should be another referendum before Britain is allowed to leave the EU, an immediate sign that the political class will try to sabotage the Brexit vote.

Appearing on BBC Newsnight, Jonathan Powell, who currently serves as the UK’s special envoy to Libya, argued that Brits should be made to vote on leaving the EU again despite the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign already winning yesterday’s referendum.

This would also allow an opposition party like Labour the chance to run in a general election on a platform that promised to cancel Britain’s exit from the European Union before it happened.

I predicted there would almost immediately be an effort to sabotage the democratic will of the British people in the following video posted earlier today.

“They’ll either try to offer Britain a “new deal” to stay in the EU, or just make us vote in another referendum until they get the result they want,” I remarked.

This is almost precisely what Powell is proposing when he asserts that the next leader of the Conservative Party or whoever wins a general election should make a new negotiation with the EU and then make Brits vote again, even though they have already vehemently rejected the European Union.

“Remember, the Irish have done that twice this century – they voted against the treaty, had a second vote, and voted for it,” said Powell.

Powell is referring to when the Irish rejected the Treaty of Lisbon in 2008, before the European Council changed the terms of the agreement and Irish citizens were made to vote again, this time approving the Treaty.

This is a process that the anti-Democratic EU and compliant national governments have overseen time and time again – simply force the people to keep voting until you get the result you want.

Hundreds of thousands of leftists have also signed petitions set to be debated by parliament that call for a second referendum.

Powell said that a second referendum was unlikely but that it would be an option once “people realize quite how ghastly the alternatives are.”

Powell’s comments are reprehensible and fundamentally anti-democratic, but this will be an ongoing narrative as the political establishment attempts to rescue victory from the jaws of defeat.

1mn sign petition calling for UK to hold 2nd EU referendum

The prospect of being outside of the European Union is too much for some of the 16 million UK residents who wanted their country to ‘remain’. They have set up a parliamentary petition calling for a second referendum, which crashed due to its popularity.

Despite being set up hours after the result, the petition quickly reached its goal of over 100,000 signatures and went far beyond it. This means that it must be debated in parliament within a year.

By Saturday noon the petition had been signed by one million Brits.

Traffic to the site was so intense that it crashed temporarily on Friday.

“The site was temporarily down due to exceptionally high volumes of simultaneous users on a single petition, significantly higher than on any previous occasion,” a House of Commons spokeswoman said.

The UK Government Digital Service resolved the problem and the petition is now accessible.

William Oliver Healey was the brainchild of the petition, stating “We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum.”

He may have a case as the turnout at the referendum was 72 percent, while a slim majority of 52 percent was in favor of leaving the EU, with 48 percent wanting to remain.

Any possible debate would have to take place quickly if current Prime Minister David Cameron is to be present. The leader of the Conservative Party announced he would be stepping down in the wake of the vote as he had forcefully backed the ‘Remain’ campaign to keep Britain in the EU.

However, it is unlikely that a second referendum would ever seriously be considered.

Those supporting the petition will hope they have a bit more luck than a 200,000 strong petition calling for the legalization of cannabis, which was presented to parliament in August as was subsequently dismissed.

“Legalization would also send the wrong message to the vast majority of people who do not take drugs, especially young and vulnerable people, with the potential grave risk of increased misuse of drugs,” a government response read.


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  • rh2

    No second nothing! Brexit is reality now, and all you Leftie Fools had better accept that fact. Your best option is to dig deep, and maybe find even a sliver of patriotism in your pathetically empty lives. Support a sovereign Britain, and renounce the globalist skewed vision of a borderless world!

  • Feriss.H

    Brexit Leave was Pyrrhic victory, which to be honest I didn’t expected, because I assumed Plutocracy would stage their victory. The point is that they felt safe, as Muslim and Negroid citizens were their sure thing, which is why they were imported, and the rest of utterly reckless and seriously retarded Left masses should have provided victory. This tiny victory clearly shows how Trump’s election in the White House is an imperative. If WS whore wins – forget Brexit Leave.

  • De Doordenker

    For as long as Britain is a EU member Britain keeps the right to veto all major
    EU decisions. Britain may use this right to veto tactically to block the entire
    EU machinery until it gets the leave deal it wants. Britannia Rules!

  • freewill2

    if Britain pulls out , they wont be obligated to bail out Germany

    • Lone Ranger

      Germany doesnt needs to be bailed-out, since it houses the European Central Bank at Frankfurt am Main, that means that all EU countries that use the Euro currency are getting their money from Germany, Germany decides how much money they can get, thats called the Eurozone, thats why some countries are in the EU but refused to use the Euro currency hence they arent in the Eurozone but are still a full member of the EU, Germany lost 2 World Wars and yet they can dictate whole Europe and hold them hostage via monetary means, I think the UK made the right decision to leave, and probably more countries will follow, nobody wants to live in a dictatorship where you lose your independence giving all the money to the banksters while letting in millions of muslims rapefguees whom are destroying Europe, the EU will fall, soon and when that happens the countries will get back their sovereignty and the banksters will cry.

      • freewill2

        Germanys debt, 2,134,605,130,284, and climbing about 100k a second..

        • Lone Ranger

          Thats not that much compared to other big EU countries, the UK and France have both higher debt to GDP ratios.

          Im not siding with the German govt, but fact is they run the ECB and the ECB is the EU version of the FED, they can print money out of thin air, just like the $trillions that went into bankster bail-outs since 2008 in the U.S.

          • freewill2

            German debt is over 66% of GDP, when they go, theyre all gonna go, the Germans is whats holding the thread..the money printers are printing out of thin air, sooner or later theyre going to cash in for something of value, if the Brits arent there,Germany could implode, only time will tell, keep an eye on it, the seven headed beast with ten horns is coming!!!

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