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Iranian Women Dressing European Are Causing Global Warming - Senior Muslim Cleric

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Iran’s senior cleric criticized what he perceived as women’s overly liberal choices of clothing “as if they were in Europe,” and accused the trend of being behind one of Iran’s rivers drying up. Superstitions? Nah just pure Muslim insanity…

“My office has received photos of women next to the dry Zayandeh-rud River [the largest river in central Iran] pictured as if they are in Europe. It is these sorts of acts that cause the river to dry up even further,” ISNA News Agency cited cleric Seyyed Youssef Tabatabi-nejad as saying.

He then called on the Communications Ministry to ramp up its tactics on bringing to justice the “networks” that encourage immodesty in Iran’s women. “If you don’t do so, then you will have failed to carry out your duty. The Communications Ministry can discover and suffocate these individuals,” he went on.

“If we see a sin it’s useless that we only bicker about it. The police force can use the [paramilitary] Hezbollahi forces to carry out operations to root out vice,” the cleric said.

Dress code issues are normally dealt with by the Morality Police, whose activity has been on the rise, particularly with regards to failure by women to veil themselves properly – but not just that: listening to music too loudly in cars is also perceived as “crossing the lines of decency”, as women are being oppressed in Iran more and more while international feminists say nothing about it.

Tabatabi-nejad is a senior official on the Assembly of Experts, a clerical body of 88 senior clerics who appoint Iran’s Supreme Leader. He’s not the only cleric who claimed natural disasters can be caused by dressing immorally.

When President Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad warned in 2010 that an earthquake was coming, 12 million people were advised to relocate, another Iranian Mullah, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, then said: “Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.”

Despite religious practice informing a large part of society’s life in Iran, the Shiite country has long been discussed as a place where religious conduct and dress codes are observed strictly only by a portion of the population, while the rest continues to do so largely for the benefit of the Morality Police. Traditional Iranian dress custom is quite liberal compared to some of its neighbors but women still can’t dress the way they really want because it might trigger the Islamic Morality Police to arrest them.

Iran also goes a step further than some of its Islamic peers in terms of things like female representation in politics. According to the official voting results for parliamentary elections issued on Saturday, 17 women will become members of the 290-seat parliament – as compared to clerics, who only won 16 seats. That is an all-time low for clerics, according to AFP.

Many youngsters in Iran no longer see the Islamic Revolution of 1979 as a good thing. A majority of youngsters do not even see themselves as Muslims nor would they associate themselves with their neighboring Arabs. In current day Iran, the youth openly refer to themselves as “Aryans” related to white Europeans. So they dress like Europeans and act like Europeans. Some even dream about overthrowing the Islamic regime yet such a thing is impossible without proper funding and lacking of a nationalist presidential candidate which would never be allowed to run by the Supreme Leader.

Iran is perhaps the ONLY Muslim state in the world where its citizens (not their leadership though) are trying distance themselves from Islam and possibly convert to other religions such as Christianity. Just a few decades ago Turkey was even more liberal and European than today’s Iran but “thanks” to Sultan Erdogan, all of that is now changing with Turkey going more radical and more zealous than ever before.

Liberalism in itself is truly a bad, bad, bad evil ideology which should be banned world-wide because it produces human abominations such as gay marriages and adoptions, transgender, feminism, low birthrates, high divorce rates, etc, because it does push to decadence, immorality and total chaos BUT with that said having the Iranian youth wanting to be more like Europe does not necessarily equate to liberalism. German nazi girls were dressing quite sexy and they were anything BUT liberal. Even Communist Soviet girls were also exactly like German girls, they were also dressing European and sexy and they were also anything BUT liberal. Sexy clothes should not translate to a psychopathic liberal mentality and ideology.

Most Iranian women continue to dress exactly like Western women at private events, parties or in their own houses yet when they go outside in the public they wear modest clothes and head scarves and some even go as far as wearing hijabs in order to avoid Morality Police persecution. Just a few days ago, the fanatic Iranian Morality Police arrested 35 teens for holding a graduation party (and most likely wearing Western clothes) and condemned all of them to 99 public lashes.

Here are a couple of Iranian women and how they really dress in private, away from Morality Police’s eyes. Contrary to popular belief, ethnically speaking, Iran isn’t Arabic, it is Persian, meaning white European. Isn’t it a pity this country is Islamic?

Unfortunately some do exaggerate with lip plastic surgeries… Maybe some consider Botox lips hot, we don’t…

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  1. skreamer says:

    Well its about time someone said whats really causing global warming!
    Ive been saying this for years…”Iranian women dressing the way they want causes global warming”……..i think its pretty fucking obvious!
    Notice in the third picture down, the guy on the far left is a transvestite! That’s a hell of a wig he has on! She/He often hangs out with Michelle Obama at crack rehab!

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