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Google Caught Oppressing Search Results and Anti-Clinton Conservative Websites

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Researchers as SourceFed recently found that Google is actively altering search recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton’s campaign by hiding anti-Clinton search terms and oppressing anti-Clinton websites shown either at the very bottom of search results or totally hidden as if they don’t exist.

From the video:

While researching for a wrap-up on the June 7 Presidential Primaries, we discovered evidence that Google may be manipulating autocomplete recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton.

If true, this would mean that Google Searches aren’t objectively reflecting what the majority of Internet searches are actually looking for, possibly violating Google’s algorithm. According to a research paper cited in this video, that kind of search result manipulation has the potential to substantially influence the outcome of actual elections.

As The Free Beacon noted if you type “Hillary Clinton cro” Bing search engine will give your “hillary clinton crooked or crook”. Apparently Bing is a lot better these days but people have become obsessed with Google. We are now officially endorsing BING.com and urge ALL our visitors to switch to Bing. If Bing is ever to screw up like that, then we could always switch to foreign search engines like Yandex.com for example, but for now at least Microsoft’s BING.com is the fairest and freest search engine in the world.

However, if you type “hillary clinton cro” in Google you will get “hillary clinton crowd” or “Hillary clinton cross stitch”.

The Washington Free Beacon has several more examples of slanted Google searches for Hillary Clinton.

Searches for “hillary clinton cri” is also heavily censored on Google, suggesting to search for “hillary clinton crime reform” and “crime bill 1994”, while Bing fairly suggests “crimes, criminal, criminal investigation, criminal record, criminal activities, criminal charges, criminal background”, etc.

Even though some say that Google has back tracked now since it was caught, the fact is that THEY DID NOT back tracked as of yet. You can test it out and see for yourself, as of now, search results are still being rigged and anti-Clinton nationalist websites are also totally hidden from their search results. Even our website is being oppressed in their search results either being shown among the last or not shown at all because of our conservative views. Google denied the accusations despite being caught red handed.

Searching for Hillary Clinton always gives you liberal dinosaur websites like CNN, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, ABC, Forbes, Salon, etc. Even FOX News which is also a huge mass media corporation is being oppressed on Google now for their pro-Trump stance. Not everyone on FOX supports Trump but most do, thus being oppressed in the search results. So if monster websites like FOX News are now being oppressed for supporting Donald Trump, then what expectations can small-medium websites such as EUTimes, Infowars and others can have from these search engines? A Black Hole? The Abyss?

Even search results against us are being heavily rigged. When you put the word “eutimes” in Google, it suggests “hoax” and “fake”. Unbelievable! Yes we’re “fake” and a “hoax” for supporting Donald Trump, don’t believe conservatives and nationalists, believe CNN, MSNBC, BBC and other liberal news outlets.

Heck you can even believe communists like crazy Bernie Sanders, just don’t believe conservative EUTimes, they are “fake and a hoax” says Google! Ohh gee thanks! Perhaps it should be better for us to avoid US politics overall just to be on the safe side because our open support for Donald Trump is harming us but then again we stay true to our cause and our cause has always been since day 1: true conservatism and nationalism. It even says that in our ABOUT section of the site and we firmly believe that Donald Trump is a true conservative who can change the world and make it a better place for everybody.

Since 2013 Google has continued to lose ground to Bing as more and more people are getting sick and tired of their censorship because just so you understand, this isn’t the first time this company was caught oppressing conservative and nationalist views and websites in their search results and intentionally driving traffic mostly to dinosaur mainstream media liberal websites. Bing is now at 21.3% and Yahoo at 12.4%. Both of these search engines are now unified and work together, they even display the same search results so it is safe to say that BING-Yahoo is now at a staggering 33.7% of the market share and continue to gain more ground as Google is now concerned with political correctness, censorship and other kind of bullshit, arranging their search results the way they want to rather than based on SEO and on terms people are actually searching for. Google no long shows relevant results, it shows manipulated results that fit their liberal agenda. Even Adsense, their advertising network and their prime way of making money for the company is a mess nowadays with smaller networks generating significantly more revenue than Google. Bing’s own advertising network called media.net is better than ever before. Bing has been beating Google with better search results since 2011 yet people are still obsessed with Google. They even use the term “Google it out” instead of “Search it out”, making the world “Google” a synonym to “Search” as if Google is the only search engine in the world but things are changing rapidly.

As you can see in the below statistic, Bing is simply showing more relevant search results based on website SEO and specific terms searched by people, instead of results being manipulated and filtered according to political correctness, political lobbying, copyrights, ideologies, religious offenses, financial interests, government requests and other bullshit. Censorship is censorship, no matter how you put it and no matter what bullshit reason you provide. The fact of the matter is, Google is not forced to be like this by the US government, Clinton’s campaign or some other conspirators, it willingly wants to be like this. Look at Bing, they do not enforce any of the above BS reasons to manipulate their search results and both companies reside in the US, the freest country in the world.

To just put it simply, no matter how good your SEO is, it is now equal to ZERO when CENSORSHIP is at hand!

What’s actually keeping Google as a leader for the moment, is their Android-phone-tablet monopoly which forces Google upon users and Youtube with their billions of videos. Even though YouTube is not as oppressive as Google the search engine, YouTube is still oppressing here and there and people are still forced to do videos about ponies and flowers to avoid having their videos removed (sarcasm).

With that said, we wish well to Google and we hope they can revive themselves to their former glory of 2011-2013 years when they were 1 million times better on everything.

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