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German-Turk MMA Fighter Banned for Life After Using ISIS Anthem for His Intro

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Mixed Martial Arts fighter Aziz Karaoglu was banned for life from fighting and fined £150,000 for using the a Jihadi anthem at an event in May.

Aziz walked out to the ring with ‘Na’am Qaatil’ music playing in the background which is often played by ISIS and Al-Qaeda Jihadi extremists.

His contract with Polish MMA group Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW Federation) was terminated on 8 June.

The sick music was blasted out at fans at the KSW 35 event on 27 May, but it was only days later that Reddit users noted his odd choice of music. MMA fans used sub-Reddit page r/MMA to discuss why Karaoglu decided to play the extremist tunes.

Aziz Karaoglu is a 39-year-old Muslim Turk born to a family of Turkish immigrants in Dusseldorf Germany.

Despite being born in Germany, going to school there and living there his entire life, Aziz is an avid Muslim and proud of his Turkish origins. You can clearly see in his stage-entry video, he proudly wears a costume with the Turkish flag and not with the German flag.

Now if Muslim migrants who were born in Germany and who came from somewhat moderate Islamic countries such as Turkey go this path, then what real expectations can we have from those coming to Germany now in 2016 as we speak and from more extremist countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan?

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German-Turk MMA Fighter Banned for Life After Using ISIS Anthem for His Intro, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


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  • Lone Ranger

    A turkroach on steroids.

  • rh2

    The Muzzturds are getting away with a lot of crap because the West ALLOWS it to happen! I really should say Western “leaders”. Those Leftie Misfits (how did they get to be in charge?!) keep misinterpreting Islam as the Religion of Peace, while normal, regular people know it’s simply not true. The REAL Islam is a murdering, torturing criminal enterprise run by sadistic psychos, whose deity is none other than Satan! Western civilization, with its powerful weapons, could vaporize the whole stinking mess in short order. . . if it had leaders with brains and ballz!

  • veys

    Well, good morning eu. Nice to see you are red pilled . We write, scream, shout. There is no democracy, human rights, scientific respect in islam. imagine a community that thinks , lives, justifies the crimes by obeying what is written in their holly book. They can cut your child’s head and never feel guilty about it because they still do nothing wrong according to their book.

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