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Former London Mayor Gets Standing Ovation Over UK Independence Day Debate Speech

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Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, gave a rousing speech in favor of Great Britain leaving the bureaucratic European Union on Tuesday, just days ahead of the “Brexit” British vote deciding whether to part ways with the failing globalist superstate.

From Youtube:

“Conservative MP Boris Johnson gave the closing speech for the leave EU campaign in the BBC’s ‘great debate’, and he gets a standing ovation and massive cheers, unlike Scottish Tory Ruth Davidson’s speech for remain.”

Transcript of speech below:

At the end of this campaign, I think you’ll agree there is a very clear choice between those on their side, who speak of nothing but fear of leaving the EU, and we on our side, who offer hope – between those who’ve been endlessly rubbishing our country and running it down, and those of us who believe in Britain.

They say we can’t do it. We say we can. They say we have no choice but to bow down to Brussels. We say they are woefully underestimating this country and what it can do.

If we vote “Leave,” we can take back control of our borders, of huge sums of money – tens of billions of pounds a year net – of our tax-raising powers, of our trade policies and of our whole lawmaking system – the democracy that is the foundation of our prosperity.

And if we stand up for democracy, we will be speaking up for hundreds of millions of people around Europe who agree with us, but who currently have no voice.

And if we vote “Leave” and take back control, I believe that this Thursday can be our country’s “Independence Day.”


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2 Responses to " Former London Mayor Gets Standing Ovation Over UK Independence Day Debate Speech "

  1. rh2 says:

    Keeping our fingers crossed hoping the UK will free itself from the EU shackles. Be done with that evil nation-destroying tyranny. Live like free men and women again, and stop taking orders from filthy, New World Order Trash!

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  2. Feriss.H says:

    In a certain way, although necessary decision, it was a said event for contemporary Europe. The most important is that it was a slap on the face of Brussels’s rotten nest packed with the worst scoundrels Europe had produced ever. The next healthy move would be secession of East EU from the utterly decadent West EU part.

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