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Establishment Republicans Plot Last Ditch Effort to Stop Trump

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Donald Trump has said key Republicans are plotting a last-ditch bid to stop him from becoming the party’s presidential nominee.

The “insurgent group” is trying to deny him delegates at the party’s convention next month, he said before threatening to stop fundraising as a result.

“Now, you have a couple of guys that were badly defeated and they’re trying to organise maybe like a little bit of a delegate revolt. I thought they already tried that,” he said.

During a speech to supporters in Las Vegas he said the attempts were “illegal”, before dismissing them as a media-generated fabrication.

“It’s all made up by the press,” he said. “It’s a hoax, I’m telling you.”

Several Republicans in Congress say they will not attend the party convention and are not endorsing his candidacy.

Trump’s response came after Establishment dirtbag Paul Ryan recently advised GOP lawmakers to vote against Trump

Paul Ryan continued to knock Donald Trump on Saturday.

On Friday Speaker Ryan threatened to sue Donald Trump in court if he tried to impose a temporary ban on Muslim migration to America.

On Saturday the Wisconsin Republican (disguised Democrat) told GOP lawmakers to “vote their conscience” on Donald Trump.

It was his latest slap in the face to record-setting Republican nominee.

On Sunday FOX and Friends host Tucker Carlson pointed out the obvious:

“Ah yes. Paul Ryan working for the Hillary campaign.”


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  • LewGD

    Not only that, he catastrophically lost in the pols against Hillary, which we all feared would happen. Although I do prefer Trump against POS Hillary, he fucked-up everything due to his impulsive boasting ego and inability to sometimes pull the hand-brake and control often idiotically erratic behavior. I never expected that he might really do anything from what he babbled, but his election in the WH would at least cut off the claws of Political Correctness and give us some brake from crazy immigration policy that affects the EU too. We from the Right might have chance to do something what we would never have chance to do under Homo-Left Socialist rule. He had been successful because he opened the gates of PC sewage, but he has no skills to divert spillage and drown Lefties in it. Game lost and WS whore will go back in her WH obsession, unless some miracle happens.

    • Feriss.H

      Exactly the same fear I had. I hopped his has been just a game to get disgruntled Whites out of the nap, and then he will switch to smarter tactic, but obviously he has no capacity for that. I think that we can now turn the lights off for good. Wall Street Satanass is on her way to Negro House and with Jews you always loose.

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