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Building Iron Man, The Future Soldier or Pentagon's Latest Project

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US Special Operation Command is one step closer to its dream of creating a next-generation Iron Man-like suit to improve the warrior’s fighting capabilities and resilience.

US Special Operation Command (SOCOM) is pushing ahead with its secretive Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) program aimed at creating an Iron Man-like suit to provide special operatives, such as the Navy SEALs and Special Forces, with enhanced mobility and protection technologies, Kris Osborn of Scout.com reports.

“The technologies currently being developed include body suit-type exoskeletons, strength and power-increasing systems and additional protection. A SOCOM statement said some of the potential technologies planned for TALOS research and development include advanced armor, command and control computers, power generators, and enhanced mobility exoskeletons,” Osborn explains.

Citing an Army statement, the journalist reveals that TALOS will also have a physiological subsystem to monitor core body temperature, skin temperature, heart rate, hydrate levels and body position.

The initiative was kicked off back in 2013 by former SOCOM chief Adm. William McCraven, who regarded TALOS as a potential means to protect Special Ops soldiers during raids.

Dion Nissenbaum of the Wall Street Journal narrated in 2014 that the “tipping point” for the development of the multi-functional suit came in December 2013 when members of the SEAL Team Six conducted a mission aiming to liberate a Colorado doctor held hostage in eastern Afghanistan. In the course of the operation one SEAL was shot dead.

“Afterward, Adm. William McRaven, the head of US Special Operations Command who oversaw the SEAL Team Six raid in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011, decided his forces needed better protection,” Nissenbaum wrote.

The project brought together bioengineers, academics, combat veterans, small tech firms and defense giants such as Raytheon Co., Lockheed Martin Corp. and General Dynamics.

Furthermore, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are involved in developing a next-generation armor dubbed “liquid body armor,” that will transform “from liquid to solid in milliseconds when a magnetic field or electrical current is applied.”

SOCOM spokesperson Lt. Cmdr. Matt Allen told Scout.com that the goal of the project is to create a working prototype by 2018 that will be then evaluated for operational purposes.

However, there are skeptics that express doubts that the project will ever come true.

Ryan Devereaux of the Intercept wrote in July 2015 that “there are growing doubts… and a sense that the evolution of the project has become a symbol of wild and unnecessary Pentagon spending.”

He cited DefenseTech.org that reported back in April 2014 that although it was expected that SOCOM’s four-year research and development project would cost $80 billion, “the program will likely cost hundreds of millions more to perfect the sophisticated technology.”

Time will show whether or not the defense skeptics were right.


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4 Responses to " Building Iron Man, The Future Soldier or Pentagon's Latest Project "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    That BS will never work in real life, because of multiple reasons, 1 its too expensive, 2 the armor cant be thick enough, there are multiple types of heavy sniper and anti-materiel rifles that will easily penetrate it no matter why type of material you will use, 3 the servo powered exosceleton system needs a lot of energy, you will either need a full sized back pack hydrogen fuel cell, a mini nuclear reactor or a zero-point modul, the latter two doesnt exist yet, so at the end of the day you end up with a super expensive toy and short range, with small firepower than can be easily neutralized by a sniper or an APC, thats only a money drain project like the laser guns and the flop-35.

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  2. Feriss.H says:

    All wars are Banker’s wars. It would be much simpler and cheaper to exterminate Banksters. Instead of iron men, we should rather build iron barriers against TW vermin infiltration.

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    • skreamer says:

      Hey Feriss..look above…these are the people you keep blaming for everything except you call them bankster mafia jews!
      They are not bankers!,..they are not jews!,..they are not mafia!
      They are Satanists who tell people they are Jews! They are a Reptilian bloodline that rules earth!
      The Rothschild’s own every single bank on earth! They own the Treasury! Your birth certificate is proof of ownership of you!

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      The FED and the IRS

      Virtually unknown to the general public is the fact that the US
      Federal Reserve is a privately owned company, siting on its very own
      patch of land, immune to the US laws.

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  3. skreamer says:

    Hahahahaha like they give a fuck about the life of a soldier when the whole point is to kill them!
    Its called population control!
    Only if its a step in the direction of turning men into cyborgs!
    The dreams put into mens minds via movie mind control!
    “stick me in one of those suits and the first thing i well do is kill every single royal family and the 13 controlling families of the world!”

    Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
    Cavendish (Kennedy)
    De Medici
    Sinclair (St. Clair)
    Warburg (del Banco)
    Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

    Then wipe out all military!
    Then party!

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