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Attorney General Lynch Says She Has No Idea Where Omar Mateen's Wife Has Gone

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Wow. This country is run by imbeciles.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters today in Orlando that she has no idea where Omar Mateen’s wife has traveled to. Noor Salmon went missing just days after the terror attacks! Lynch said Noor Salmon was going to do some traveling, “But I do not know exactly her location now.”

Grabien reported:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted today that the FBI is unaware of the whereabouts of Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman.

Salman has indicated she suspected Mateen was about to commit a terrorist attack, and even accompanied him to buy the weaponry he used to carry out the massacre. She insists, however, that as he left she tried to hold onto his arm so he wouldn’t leave.

If the FBI believes she was aware of the impending attack, she could be prosecuted.

“Has the shooter’s wife left the state of Florida?” a reporter asked Lynch during her press conference Tuesday.

“Right now, I don’t know exactly the answer to that,” Lynch candidly replied.< strong>“I believe she was going to travel but I do not know exactly her location now.”

She ran away! That means she not only knew about the terror plot but she was probably an accomplice as well. If Trump would have been the president, this terrorist b***h would have been arrested on the spot until proven innocent. And how do the average Americans see this whole deal? Bad bad evil Trump! Trump just slipped 5% behind Hillary Clinton in the polls as if he were the terrorist when in fact it was Clinton who defended the terrorist. Unbelievable! What a country of imbeciles!


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