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Afghan Muslim Kills 50 and Injures 53 in Orlando Terror Attack at Gay Club

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The suspected gunman in today’s gruesome Orlando “Pulse” gay Nightclub shooting which killed 50 people and injured 53 has been identified by relatives and law enforcement officials as Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old from Fort Pierce, Florida, CBS reports.

According to social media, he is a US citizen, born in 1986, from Port Saint Lucie, FL. and both his parents are from Afghanistan. He was a registered Democrat with a security officer and firearms license. The Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer says he used an assault rifle, while Florida Congressman Alan Grayson adds that he believes the attack is “more likely than not” ideologically motivated. Orlando Mayor also asked Florida Governor Rick Scott to declare a state of emergency following the attack.

CBS added that the FBI is currently checking if he was linked to extremists.

According to BBC, Mateen was not on any terrorism watch list, although as CBS also adds Islamic terrorism is being investigated as one of the possible motives behind the mass shooting.

CNN adds that the suspected Orlando gunman was trained in use of weapons.

The Muslim shooter as disclosed on Find the Data, disclose that he was a registered Democrat in the 18th Congressional District.

A search of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services database reveals that Mateen had security officer and firearms licenses.

Either he was or he wasn’t linked to Jihadi extremists, Omar Mateen was a Muslim and Muslims are well known to be extremely anti-homosexuality. Gays are banned in most Islamic countries in the world. They are always treated like second class citizens, oppressed, beaten, harassed and even sentenced to death.

So Omar’s motives are most likely religious though liberal idiots will deny this fact until seeing some proof, such as a piece of paper where Omar says, “yes I killed them because I’m Muslim and I hate gays” and eventually have the paper even signed by the terrorist. It’s common sense pundits! Wake the hell up already!


Either CBS was caught lying about the FBI “currently checking if he was linked to extremists” or FBI itself was caught lying because according newer reports, Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS and was under FBI investigation. The terrorist was even visited by the FBI two times before he committed the mass shooting.

Now either CBS was lying about FBI checking if he was linked to extremists just for sensationalism or FBI itself was lying hoping to avoid a public backlash for not arresting him before committing the crimes, on charges of joining Islamic terrorist groups.

Americans, both white and black are arrested and detained for much less then this. Thousands of Americans are arrested every year just for being caught smoking a marijuana joint, yet they catch this Muslim terrorist bastard joining ISIS, visit him two times and they didn’t arrest him??? What is wrong with our world?

Liberal American media quickly slandered Trump for Tweeting that America needs to be vigilant and enforce a ban on Islam. ABC News violently slandered Trump for only stating the obvious. During their violent lash-out ABC used terms like: “Trump Tweeted this… but then this… that Tweet setting off a firestorm… but Trump wasn’t done”. ABC portrayed Trump in such a dark light as if HE were the mass shooter in Orlando.

Crocked Hillary as usual blamed guns as if guns are animated objects who do the killing themselves and not these psychos. In fact guns could have saved those poor gay bastards. If ONE of them had a gun, he could have shot back and killed the terrorist before he managed to kill 50 of them. Here’s an example: France is one of the toughest places on Earth to get a gun yet ISIS killed more than double the people that were killed in Orlando. Remember Bataclan?? 89 were killed in that theatre alone + others  in other places. How did the terrorists get their hands on guns in France, the most anti-gun country in the world? What about the Charlie Hebdo massacre? What about Belgium? What about San Bernardino? Bad guys will always improvise and get the guns and bombs they need.

Gun’s aren’t the problem! Hillary Clinton, Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the DEMONcRAT party are the problem! They refuse to identify the problem and they want to disarm good law abiding American citizens!

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  • skreamer

    They hypnotize someone to go kill a heap of people so they can bring in gun control laws!
    Its called ..Problem/Reaction/Solution. Stupid people are very easily hypnotized!

  • Feriss.H

    Thanks God it was Obambo’s countryman and one of Democrap’s voters, who to the horror of SPLC and similar “elites” chose faggs as his target. It’s just another proof that Trump is right about the problem known as Islam.

    • LewGD

      If Muzzies will go on with targeting gays, it might solve Muslim influx sooner than we ever hoped. Obongo and his flocks would never tolerate killing of their most valuable members of society. Homos will finally serve to the good cause.

      Here at Fox is next action revealed – “Man with weapons arrested in California ahead of Gay Pride parade”

      • Feriss.H

        Since LGBT perverts with support of Democraps, SPLC and the whole Left literally declared war on a Traditional European civilization, I have no compassion for them, but this one, although could serve to the general good (solving dangers Muslim immigration), was quite a hard one. What angers me, MSM didn’t pay a fragment of attention to the killing of ten White bikers in Waco (killed by police in a preplanned ambush), as they are crying now over this one. However, although horrific, these killings might bring change in the general attitude against Muslim “refugee”-invasion. Hope so!


    Muslim loving liberal faggot’s targeted by faggot hating muslim ,ironic .

  • skreamer
  • skreamer

    Whats the difference between acne and a Muslim?
    Acne doesn’t come on your face until your 13!

  • Dana Graham Phelps

    BernieSandersZodiacKiller.Com EUTimes has not broken the story but the Zodiac Killer Cryptogram from 1969 was cracked and it’s a Nazi code. The Terrorism of today is a NAZI MAFIA.

  • Rick Alexander

    Isn’t it interesting that only since Obama came into power that everything around us is being sparked by Islamic people. No Muslim is a true ‘Islamist’ until they make a decision to conduct Jihad. So, of the millions of ‘peace-loving’ Muslims around the world – I dare just one of you to publicly condemn Hamas or Hezbollah as terror organisations !! You all speak about peace but won’t condemn terror. I dare the Mayor of London to do the same – see how long he lasts and what silver laced words he will use to get out of condemning terror organisations.
    All western governments will learn that appeasement will only result in beheadings. From Australia’s current PM Turnbull (Turncoat) to Britain’s Cameron, to America’s Obama and presidential candidate Clinton – who herself or at her bequest has had people murdered (yes Hillary we know, and we also know that you have relatives in the Adelaide suburbs and hills – the safehaven for when they come to behead you in the USA) – you are all the traitors of your people for not taking action against Islamists.
    The only person who has got it right is Donald Trump – go Donald!. He has called an Islamist a terrorist because that is what they are taught. For all the fools who have never read the Sura’s and Hadiths – you know jack shit ! You will all suffer when the time comes because of the ignorance which you accept from your current heads of government (I guess one day you all won’t have heads when the Muslims overrun your lands).
    Do something now you appeasing cowards and stop putting people at risk by removing their rights to protect themselves with guns and whatever it takes. If you heads of government are so anti-gun, then I suggest you get rid off all your own armed personal security teams!! What?? You want to keep them?? Oh, so it’s okay for you to have shooters whilst you expose us all??? You are traitors, cowards and you also put us freedom minded citizens at great risk because of your sick political agenda’s.

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