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15-Year-Old Muslim Girl Stabs Random German Cop Because "ISIS Ordered Her"

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A 15 year-old Moroccan girl walked into a German railway in March and stabbed the first police officer who approached her. (Breitbart.com)

Computer records show ISIS ordered the teen to kill German police in the name of Allah.

Breitbart London reported:

A chat log from the computer of the 15-year-old who stabbed a German policeman reveals that the Islamic State ordered the attack.

Police in Germany have announced new evidence in the case of Safia S., the 15-year-old girl who stabbed a policeman at a railway station in Hanover in February. New evidence from the confiscated computer of the young girl proves that she was not only in contact with the terrorist organisation, but that the Islamic State had ordered her to carry out “martyrdom operations,” Bild reports.

Initially, authorities believed that Safia had only been inspired by Islamic State propaganda on the internet and that she had been mostly self radicalised. Safia is said to have attempted to make the journey to join Islamic State in Syria but was taken back to Germany by her mother.

The chat logs, which were between Safia and a fellow Islamist in Hanover, were looked at by several German news sources including public broadcasters WDR and NDR as well as the newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung. The logs revealed that Safia had contacts at the Turkish border with Syria and that she had not been travelling completely on her own as was previously thought.


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  • skreamer

    Looks like she used those plastic safety scissors. She should know better. Someone should slap her.
    Make Angela Merkel baby sit her!

  • skreamer

    Maybe she was angry at police for not protecting her from the rape circles!
    Do Muslims rape circle their own or is that specifically for western girls?

    • Lone Ranger

      They rape their own too.

  • Feriss.H

    Da stimmt etwas nicht! (Something is wrong)

    How is that possible if Islam is the religion of peace? In this case it was 15 year-old MOROCCAN cu*t, who under no circumstances should be hear in Europe ever, as she is not a refugee. In the meantime mad cow Merkel keeps preaching that Islam belongs to Germany and that all EU member countries have to accept that belonging. Even “better”, Italian Navy now collects Negroid “refugees” directly at Libyan coastline, and ferry them in Europe. Therefore Balkan route has been “closed”, so that Mediterranean rout can be reopened. No doubt, incredibly “smart” move; they completely “fooled” us.

    Question for million dollars – how much Camel jockeys it will take that Germans would finally say enough to their crazy Chancellor.

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