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Trump to Hillary: Disarm Your Bodyguards!

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In the spirit of fairness, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump called on Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton to relinquish her bodyguard’s firearms over her anti-Second Amendment stance.

“Crooked Hillary wants to get rid of all guns and yet she is surrounded by bodyguards who are fully armed,” Trump wrote in a Saturday morning tweet. “No more guns to protect Hillary!”

Trump made similar remarks speaking before the National Rifle Association Friday, saying “heartless hypocrites like the Clintons… want to get rid of guns and yet they have bodyguards that have guns, so I think that in addition to calling for them to name judges, we’ll also call them and let their bodyguards immediately disarm. They should immediately disarm and let’s see how good they do. Let’s see how they feel walking around without their guns on their bodyguards.”

Here’s a funny exact quote from Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton: “You can’t have a bunch of people walking around with guns!” That’s right Hill&Billy Clintons! So whatcha doin’ walking around with all those guns?

The hotel mogul began his speech at the NRA’s annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, discussing how Clinton’s ultimate goal is total disarmament of the American people.

“Hillary Clinton – and you know I call her ‘Crooked Hillary’ because all you have to do is read any newspaper you want – but Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment, just remember that. We’re not talking about changing. She wants to abolish the Second Amendment, so we’re not gonna let that happen, I can tell you that right now. We’re gonna preserve, we’re gonna cherish it, we’re gonna take care of it.”

“If she gets to appoint her judges, she will abolish the Second Amendment,” Trump said. “In my opinion, that’s what she’s going to go for.”

Hillary responded with a tweet about “preventing senseless gun violence.”


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3 Responses to " Trump to Hillary: Disarm Your Bodyguards! "

  1. skreamer says:

    They carry guns to protect themselves from Clinton sneaking up behind them and trying to poo-jab them! That’s why they walk behind him! They know what hes like! That’s why every time you see him he has different bodyguards ……”they quit because of sexual harassment”!
    With Hitlary you can see her bodyguards walking in front!
    You might notice some of the his bodyguards walking funny!

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  2. Stormy says:

    I agree with Mr. Trump 100% . Hillary should lead by example. But, she can not do that because she is no leader. We love Donald J. Trump, can’t wait until he is President of the USA !!!!

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  3. rh2 says:

    Trump’s the only candidate talking truth. He doesn’t try to bullshit regular, everyday Americans (who keep the country going) with Leftie, PC Garbage, but keeps it all real-world. He’s the right man to be US President. Trump 2016!

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