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Trump “Shock Announcement” Warned Will Destroy Hillary Clinton Forever

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An intriguing report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) for the Security Council (SC) regarding the United States presidential election is stating that Republican Party candidate Donald Trump is preparing to unleash a “shock announcement” of historic proportions against his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton that should it be successful would destroy her forever. [Note: Some words appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, Trump’s “master plan” to destroy Clinton involves his planning to unveil to the American public that upon his taking office (if elected) one of his first acts will be his introducing legislation to the US Congress that will allow all holders of student loans to declare bankruptcy on their debts for the first time since 1998.

In 1998, this report explains, President William Clinton signed into law the 1998 Amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965 that had slipped into it (without anyone ever admitted who did so) a first in American history provision forbidding anyone from every being able to declare bankruptcy on their student loans.

Combined with President Clinton’s 1999 repeal of the Glass Steagall Act that had protected America’s banks since the Crash of 1929, this report continues, Hillary Clinton and her husband were able to amass a staggering fortune of over $153 million since then given to them by the thankful oligarchs of Wall Street who, likewise, amassed huge fortunes, while at the same sending tens-of-millions of American students into a life time of debt servitude to their new banking masters.

Important to note about the practice of bankruptcy in the United States, this report notes, is that this nations Founding Fathers deemed it so critical that when they wrote the US Constitution, they provided for a system of bankruptcy relief before they addressed even freedom of religion or freedom of speech basing it upon a Bible command from the Book of Deuteronomy [Chapter 15 Verses 1-2] that says “At the end of every seven years you shall grant a remission of debts. This is the manner of remission: every creditor shall release what he has loaned to his neighbor; he shall not exact it of his neighbor and his brother, because the LORD’S remission has been proclaimed.”

Unlike the debt enslaved students of America who were put under a lifetime yoke of economic oppression by the Clinton’s, however, this report continues, Trump has been able to use the US bankruptcy laws to save four of his companies and employees jobs.

Though Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, this report notes, his four business bankruptcies centered on casinos he used to own in Atlantic City, and which were all Chapter 11 restructurings that allows a company stay in business while shedding debt.

During the first Republican Party debate on 6 August 2015, in fact, this report says, Trump stated “I have used the laws of this country … the [bankruptcy] chapter laws, to do a great job for my company, for myself, for my employees, for my family”, and further expressed his disdain for the Wall Street oligarchs supporting Hillary Clinton by stating: “These lenders aren’t babies. These are total killers. These are not the nice, sweet little people.

With new polls showing that American students (called Millennials) are now surging to Trump in massive numbers, this report concludes, his plan to allow them to free themselves from the unprecedented $1.3 trillion of debt (that goes up by $2,726 every second) put on them by the Clinton’s will destroy Hillary forever.


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  • skreamer

    Thank goodness!……i thought he was going to tell us he had sex with his cousin Hillary!…………………………again!
    These bloodlines like to keep it in the family…”if you know what i mean”

    • Feriss.H

      Your shrink, in the institution where you reside, must be very liberal, you are not locked, you have Internet, and as it seems, medications are completely ineffective in your case

      • skreamer

        Hey dumb ass, before you say anything else proving your an ignorant dickhead, maybe you should click on the link i supplied that proves what im saying!
        Unlike the repetitive crap that you always write!

        • Feriss.H

          Yeah yeah, and you are cousin of Napoleon, and my ancient relative was Cesar. Yeah, link too, very powerful; Groid babbles something about Groids have no business anyway. They should rather check on ancestral relations with their primate cousins. How the hack can be some Kenyan Negro connected with those bastards like Bushes and Clintons, not to mention royal bastards. Some logic and personal sanity wouldn’t hurt, but you are too special for such efforts, huh?

          • skreamer

            This just proves how ignorant you are! Proving Hillary and Trump are cousins has made you very mad! Your not one of those Hitlary trolls are you?

          • Feriss.H

            Thru your responds two proves are dragging – your confusion and inflexible persistence, where the second one somehow resembles a donkey. And that is the only prove – you are a donkey with access to Internet.

          • skreamer

            Your still crying like a little baby just because i proved Trump and Hillary are cousins!…and you didnt know that!…….how stupid are you!
            And you still go on with your endless shit!
            Keep raving on with your angry blah blah blah!
            Like all idiots when you prove it to them, with actual proof….they still go on and on like a little whinny baby!
            So what your trying to say is that Hillary and Trump are not cousins! Even though its a fact!..theres proof!….whos paying you to be a troll?

          • Feriss.H

            I have to accept your “victory” under the burden of your “PROVES”. I remain impressed with your “proving brilliancy”, and overwhelmed with your infantilism. I crossed path with quite of bimbos, but you are an absolute winner. It’s a bit embarrassing to get involved in a “debate” with an infantile moron. However, it will not happen again.

          • skreamer

            Well i hope not!..You were proven wrong in the first place but yet responded with child like denial when confronted with truth which is what most uneducated drop kicks do when give new information which does no correspond to your TV!
            Children often try to to cut down the non TV conforming version with childish putdowns, its how a scared brain reacts to information which not programed from your school or in your case TV!
            What kind of imbecile leaves post denying proven facts by trying to cut down the person giving them? Then continues to argue senseless crap to prove what!…that you were wrong in the first place!
            You would have to be one of the most stupid persons ever!
            or American!

          • LewGD

            I am new to this website, interesting articles, but surprisingly low number of comments and as it seems a lot of fight regarding the number of commentators. In relate to your exchange of fire, my advice – the best tactical approach is IGNORE.

  • Taco43

    “Students who acquire large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. When you trap people in a system of debt, they can’t afford the time to think. Tuition fee increases are a disciplinary technique, and by the time students graduate, they are not only loaded with debt, but have also internalized the disciplinarian culture. This makes them efficient components of the consumer economy.”

    –Noam Chomsky

  • Feriss.H

    Year 2017 will mark the first, from the most important events of 21st century, which will be the end of eight years of monkey business experiment in WH (currently Negro House)

    The second one could be an expected demise of wicked witch Clinton

    The third one would be Trump entering the White House

    The forth one remains as a dream, a wish for decomposition of FED and consequently Bankster’s Mafia.

    • skreamer

      Your another idiot that thinks the next relation of the queen to rule America well make everything just right for you! Just like a in a children’s book!
      Are you 10 years old? Obviously you’ve never been through the election process before and thus have absolutely no idea what goes on! When you grow up and can see whats really going on then maybe you wont open your dumb mouth in such a stupid way! Maybe go and find out who owns the FED you dumb ass!

      • Feriss.H

        Before you start prattling about other’s stupidity, you should first consider “possibility” that you ain’t much bright. With poor cognitive abilities you are unable to understand written. I know it wouldn’t help, but at least try to properly decipher what I wrote.

        • skreamer

          It seems you failed to comprehend what i wrote! As you prattle on with the same old garbage as usual! So ill say it more slowly!
          Did you find out who owns the FED? And while your at it find out who owns all your banks and the Treasury?
          Then you might actually know something! Instead of going on with the same old garbage that your programed to go on with!

          • Feriss.H

            No, for donkey’s sake, don’t slow down, as you might kick the bucket, all your mental functions, or rather saying dysfunctions, are already at critical low.

            As of banks, who owns them, well isn’t it Walt Disney?

          • skreamer

            Again you prove how ignorant you are! Mickey Mouse the answer of a true dumb ass! Obviously you have no idea what your going on about!..like all dumb asses you repeat whatever you hear! You should not copy/paste stuff from adults..because when your asked questions you well no doubt be stuffed …just like you are now!
            Like all children when faced with reality behave like imbeciles and revert to heckling! The poor little Trump lover just found out Trumps cousin is Hillary and now hes all angry and confused!
            Do you need a tissue to wipe your tears…(i would recommend a beach towel for you)….you can really stick your face in it and have a good cry!

          • Feriss.H

            I made a bad judgment, and I have to admit it’s not your fault, because you are too infantile for blaming about anything.

          • skreamer

            Ferriss you not to bright are you!……What are you trying to blame me for?……You are rather stupid are you not Ferriss! All i did was prove Hillary and Trump are cousins and you have been crying like a baby ever since! Still living in denial are we?
            You really think that your going to troll what i say and that im not going to troll you back!…you must be very stupid! Im just starting to warm up to you Ferriss! Anyone that would spend this much time typing so much complete crap over my Hillary comment is a total moron, a complete idiot or is being paid to troll for Trump and his cousin Hillary!

    • Joe Public


      • Feriss.H

        Don’t hurt yourself, and don’t fall in The Leftie Coma

        • Joe Public

          Don’t trip over your rebel flag on the way out of your single-wide.

          • Feriss.H

            Presumably as a “progressive” Leftie or some sort of mongrel, maybe even a Homo, you obviously have no National or Racial affiliation. It’s no wonder that you don’t understand that one can’t trip over Southern Cross Flag for instance, as in contrast to your sort, we never lay down our flags in the dirt.

            I have to admit, it was quite funny, the one about the single-wide, but I have to disappoint you, it’s the two story house with a cellar, where cellar has a special purpose. There I am “stretching” Libretards, with chains and wheels, and so flattened I expose them to the sun and wind, to dry out completely. With cheeps from dried and flattened Libretards I feed alligators.

          • LewGD

            What you are doing is called recycling, hence you are dedicated environmentalist.
            How do you get them in the cellar?

          • Feriss.H

            That’s the purpose of the Southern Cross, sometimes she attracts them in droves, and then I have to ask for some extra help. That is when we have the most of fun, in a team work.

          • Joe Public

            Presumably inbred, uneducated white trash. While I love my nation, I’m not a nationalistic, xenophobic mouth-breather like you.
            You don’t own a house and you’re not a threat to “libtards” or anyone else. While the women in your trailer park may be somewhat intimidated by you, I assure you I am not. I cherish my 2nd amendment rights just as I do the rights of gays, women and others who aren’t like me.

            You’re not scary. Keep working on it, princess.

          • Feriss.H

            YOURS – “Presumably inbred, uneducated white trash”

            RE – I am glad that you proved my early assumptions on your identity. Such responds always come from disgruntled Leftie-Homo-Negro-Mongrel groups where I supposed you belong. The fact is that the only way a Liberal or “progressive” can win an argument is by insulting or silencing their opponent. They do it effectively in North Korea, China, Cuba, and lately in the US/EU Libretarded bastions. The funny part is they say they are all for Constitutional rights and Free Expression. When faced with legit criticism, a “progressive” will always play one of their shabby “cards”, which is hilarious because the “cards” don’t even work anymore. Modern liberalism is a mental disorder and Libs are totally brain-dead insane.

            YOURS – “While I love my nation…”

            RE – Which nation? Multiracial society can hardly identify as a nation, of course if we follow official explanation – “Nation is an aggregation of persons of the SAME ETHNIC FAMILY, often speaking the same language or COGNATE languages”. For political and PC purposes Washington’s Plutocracy introduced term “nation” for all US citizens, which is just the matter of convenience. Nationality is very sensitive subject and we (non Libretarded) Europeans are not taking this as an abstract notion, which is why NWO PTB are working so eagerly to annihilate such affiliation.

            Europe NATIONS are awakening, and thanks to Trump’s smashing of PC, many Euro-Americans might also dare to start cutting off synthetic diversity chains. Concept of Libretarded Multiculturalism will probably expose cracks that couldn’t be Nigger-rigged just like that. I don’t know exactly what and how, but something on that subject will have to be redesigned in the near future.

            YOURS – “You don’t own a house”

            RE – Your “conviction/knowledge” on that subject is remarkable; however for your personal information; in Europe we mostly do OWN houses or flats, while single-wide type of housing is nonexistent, as far as I am aware.

          • Joe Public

            You didn’t finish school, did you?
            I don’t want to silence you. I encourage you to share your stupid with any and everyone to serve as a warning to people who might be considering producing offspring with their siblings. Also, you’re so misguided you labeled communist nations as liberal. Two of them are even totalitarian. That’s not liberal. Do you know what stupid people do? They hate that which is different from themselves. If people aren’t more like you, something must be wrong with them, right?
            While I appreciate your belief in an Aryan nation, the concept is laughable. Nobody takes people like you seriously anymore. You’re a walking stereotype. A subject to laugh about. Do you really think anyone’s going to listen to a guy who’s had sexual relations with livestock? Let’s realistic here.
            Nobody is awakening thanks to Trump. He’s a stupid whisperer who touches the hearts of very simple-minded people by pretending to be one of them and you take it hook, line and sinker. That’s the extent of your intellectual capacity. Grats on stupid?

          • Feriss.H

            The kind of “dialog” with which you keep coming back is quite imbecilic, in which I had no “necessary skills”. However, I will improvise, this time only, because you sound as someone who drags thru life burdened with serious psychological traumas from childhood. Your obsession with incest is quite revealing, and it seems as you are trying to suppress some inappropriate “intimacies” from your adolescence. To scold others for own perversions is futile diversion, and will not help you in eventual healing efforts.

            What was that, your sister insulted you by telling you that her sex with your father was much better, and same confession came from your mother too. Could be that later you were equally “successful” with other women, and you substituted your sexual needs with bestiality, even necrophilia. Did you find some comfort in Homosexuality? Are you tranny too, or pervert that identifies as such, who found convenience in sneaking in women’s rest rooms, after Mullah Hussein opened this Pandora box. Is all that reason why you became a spineless and dickless creepy Libretard?

            As you can see, it’s very easy to imitate your “educated” style, but it’s futile, and I have no further interest in wasting time with cretins like you, because you also misinterpret other things that I wrote about.

            YOURS – “you’re so misguided you labeled communist nations as liberal”

            RE – First, there are no Communist nations, but REGIMES, and these regimes are nepotistic and “RIGHTEOUS” the same way as “progressive” Libretards are.

            YOURS – “Two of them are even totalitarian. That’s not liberal”

            RE – WRONG, Liberal retardance is TOTALITARIAN, aggressive and extremely exclusive in her “righteous” hysteria. Liberal plague is worse than Ebola, AIDS, Zika virus, Swine Flu and who knows what else. No wonder that there is no cure for such infection. The only solution in releasing you from your misery is to put you down like insects.

            Let me “educate” you that I am now ending this “resourceful” chat with you, as I can’t confront your retarded “superiority” due to the lack of required personal retardance. You won!

          • LewGD


          • Joe Public

            Let’s be honest with one another. You’re a poster boy for white supremacy. This is a very primitive ideology most commonly identifiable in uneducated people, out of touch with the world around them. You don’t get to chant “white power” AND call other people imbeciles. It’s like smearing yourself in excrement and telling everyone around you that they stink.
            Very interesting that you take what I told you and recycle it to better suit your argument with me. You’re the white trashy klan sympathizer. It’s even stereotypical of you to “keep it in the family”, if you catch my drift. To somehow suggest I’m the one that engages in that behavior is rather humorous.
            You seem to have a complex that leads you to believe you’re in a position of power. You speak as though you “dominate” gays, liberals or anyone else you don’t “like”. This is very indicative of the real you. The little panty waste running his mouth on the internet, behind the security of anonymity. Who fears the scrawny little social deviate spouting “white cross” nonsense? Not I!
            You’re not educating anyone. You’re entirely too stupid for that. You’re a young, horribly misguided simpleton with absolutely no chance of knowing real happiness. You’re a miserable little sack of horse dung and the only solace you’re ever going to find is at the end of your pathetic, worthless life.
            I accept your surrender. Thank you.

          • Feriss.H

            Yeah, I know I said – “I am now ending this “resourceful” chat with you” – but I didn’t expected such gracious present from you, and I just feel obligate to thank you for shooting yourself in the foot. Yeah, that too, I know you have no clue what I am talking about, so I will help you out from here the same way I did it with clearing your confused “educated understanding” about “Communist + Nations + Liberal”, which you conveniently bypassed.

            Jack pot for “winner” has been “personal retardance”, which you imprudently and hastily grabbed by thanking me for “surrender”. My pleasure, “surrender” under certain conditions could be fun, enjoy in your “winning prize”, you deserved it, but try not to swallow.

          • Joe Public

            I’m sure in your deranged little world, what you just said sounded really cool in your head. Unfortunately for you, it looked utterly retarded in actuality. I’d suggest you stick to hating the girls that laugh at you for being an awkward, eccentric youth and dreaming your little white power dreams. Dialogue isn’t your friend.

          • Feriss.H

            Hey, old Joe, although you first started with nasty insults, I have no resentment to you, as this is the way how you Libretards communicate when displeased. I also had some fun with you in this back and for duel, which scientifically proved again that you Lefty guys are incapable of argumentative dialogs. Check this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGwtG8nVpUU – this satire presents exactly how you and your “progressive” ilk “debate”, it’s toxically funny, although serious to the very bones.

            Sadly, to this moment, I never met Liberal, not to mention LGBT deviants or Blacks, willing or capable to debate reasonably with arguments only. You probably have seen, already famous meme of Liberal girl with text – “Your rights end where my fillings begin”, which is why in the real world wars start. If not, just Google – liberal girl meme, which perfectly represents Left.

            Cheers man!

          • Joe Public

            Oh, so you mean that wasn’t your last rely to me? That’s a shocker! You’re a horrible excuse for a human being. You deserve nothing less than to be treated with complete disrespect. Nothing was scientifically proven. I understand you believe you’re a savant of sorts but I assure you that assessment is completely misguided on your part. I have no desire to watch any pro-right or pro-left wing propaganda. The truth is extremism in any form, be it left or right is a cancerous thorn in the side of society.
            If you met anyone who fell within your “hate circle”, you’d be too cowardly to interact with them on any level other than decency. People like you are a minority and your only avenue of hate is right here on the internet, where you are safe and sound from reprisal. While you believe I’m a political extremist like you, I am not. I’m a libertarian.
            Someday you’re either going to grow up or you’re going to off yourself. I’m content either way. There’s no room on this planet for diseased vermin like you.

          • Feriss.H

            Although you are not a full idiot, certain cracks in your mental circuitry definitely contribute to your incoherency. I know, you have no clue what I am talking about, hence let me help you out of your quandary, again.

            YOURS – “…running mouth on the internet, behind the security of anonymity…”

            RE – Is Joe Public your real name?

            YOURS – “I have no desire to watch any pro-right or pro-left wing propaganda”

            RE – Lefty dogmatists like you “have no desire to watch” whatever that makes them uncomfortable. It’s symptomatic for Libretards that they “know” everything in advance, without watching, reading or checking.

            YOURS – “If you met anyone who fell within your “hate circle”, you’d be too cowardly to interact with them on any level other than decency”

            RE – You perfectly described yourself, browse thru your comments, hysterical chimping, slurs and insults dominate. Luckily saliva remains on your side.

            YOURS – “…Nothing was scientifically proven…”

            RE – Your stroboscopic chimp-outs render you incapable of spotting occasional satire in sentences, is it a slight stupidity, or a bit more than just a slight?

            You constantly prattle about hate, which is a “powerful” Lefty formula to mark everything what Libretards don’t like or don’t understand. We call it REALISM, but it’s TABOO for “progressives”. This is why your ilk “invented” flowery phrase – Hate Speech.

            You identify yourself as a Libertarian, although your behavioral pattern reveals an orthodox Lefty fanatic with erratic temper. Let me help you with your “Libertarian” fantasy, you are not, and Libertarianism is just an idea. With NWO-PTB or Banksters Mafia firmly in saddle, it’s pure utopia. There are only ideological Left and Right, reserved for masses of course, whereas Elite’s PTB are beyond such prosaic.

            My experiment with you went as predicted and as has been proven countless times – Libretard is absolutely incapable of logical and argumentative discourse. Choleric personality as yours is perfect psychological frame for epically hysterical and irrational Libretard. This is why your sort isn’t just part of the problem, you are the problem!

            For the purpose of “pure science”, your psychological profile has been “professionally” examined; hence, there is no need for further scrutiny. With this said, you are now free to go.

            Cheers, Chao, by-by, sayonara…!

            Behave, no more chimp-outs!

          • Joe Public

            Now you’re repeating yourself. You’re not helping, educating or showing anyone anything. Accept that you’re too stupid and move on, please. It’s for your own good.

            Joe Public is a name from a line in a song by the Clash. I don’t give a damn who or who doesn’t post their real name. I don’t even care what your name is, just as not very many people care about you as a person.

            You’re not experimenting on anyone. I know you’d like to believe you are because you are desperate for attention and yearn to somehow portray yourself as a brilliant philosopher. Your only problem is that you’re a complete idiot so while you may be able to manipulate yourself into believe this, normal people still know you have an IQ in the double digits.

            You’re not a psychologist. You’re not a philosopher. You’re a sad story and I’m sure your family life could have been a lot better. I’m sure if I dealt with the same bullying and abuse you had to deal with, I’d be damaged goods as well. Have you considered Euthanizing yourself?

      • skreamer

        I love your icon…made me laugh!

    • Nathan Lee Edwards

      Negro house? C’mon man, you’re better than that.

      • Feriss.H

        Say this to Susan Rice! Google next – “Too Many Whites on National Security Team”

        National Security Advisor Susan Rice told graduates at Florida International University that the presence of too many “white, male, and Yale” staffers is posing a threat to the security of America.

        Google also next titles:

        Over-representation of Blacks in Government Administration
        Blacks ‘inordinately overrepresented’ as federal civil servants
        Discrimination against Whites in Federal Employment
        Black privilege and the over representation of blacks in government
        Minority hiring patterns vary by government agency and department
        Federal Workforce Diversity: Why Agencies Seek Out Minority Workers

        After you finish checking, come back to me with yours – “Negro house? C’mon man, you’re better than that…Susan Rice could be better too, Hussein and his Moochelle could have been better, and Al Sharpfart could have been less visible in the Negro House.

        Sorry man, these are the facts, disregarding my personal “affection” or disaffection with incumbent WH/NH occupants.

  • Bob Mac

    Follow the money trail. Quid profitem? If you want to know whence has fled our prosperity, it’s into the pockets of those traitors in this economic warfare, and it goes all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and all the other economic and financial traitors who have bankrupt this Republic of ours, and saddled our children with unpayable obligations, Furthermore, the Debt was designed to be unpayable. Any attempt to pay the Debt will automatically and immediately cause a depression, and the banksters will need to inflate the Debt even further to stave off complete ruin. They taught us a lesson once,with the Great Depression, which they dragged on for nearly a decade, to maximize their profits and take over (foreclose) as many properties as possible. Wilson himself even figured this out, near the end of his life, when he said: “I fear I have ruined my country”.

    There is a solution: Sue the banksters, for fraud, in The International Court of Claims.

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