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Trump Leads Clinton in New Joint Poll by ABC News and Washington Post

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Donald Trump gained 11 points on Hillary Clinton since March and now leads Crooked Hillary by 2 points 46-44 even in polls held by biased leftist media such as ABC News and Washington Post.

ABC reported:

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows a close contest in presidential election preferences, with Republicans lining up behind Donald Trump as their party’s presumptive nominee while the continued Democratic race is keeping Hillary Clinton’s side more unsettled.

Greater voter registration among Republicans is one factor: Clinton’s 6-point lead among all adults, 48-42 percent in a general election matchup, switches to essentially a dead heat among registered voters, 46 percent for Trump, 44 percent for Clinton. Regardless, the contest has tightened considerably since March, when Clinton led among registered voters by 9 points.

From the poll Trump leads:
Men: Trump 56-34%
Independents: Trump 48-35%
No degree: Trump 52-38%
Whites: Trump 57-33%

Hillary lost 13 points with independents in one month.

Please note that both ABC News and the Washington Post are extremely anti-Trump, anti-Republican leftist socialists and strong supporters of communist Mao-wannabe Hillary Clinton and Crazy Bernie Sanders the Stalin-wannabe nutcase who wanna transform America in Venezuela Version 2.0, and basically the entire (Now Socialist) Democratic Party. So this means that Trump is 100% truly leading Clinton, if even his sworn enemies are reporting it. Don’t forget that the Washington Post openly declared war on Trump just recently when they assigned a team of 20 retards to search for the needle in haystack and find anything of use to attack Trump with. Needless to mention, there are no such a teams for Crooked Clinton or Crazy Bernie.

Additionally Hillary does worse with men than Trump does with women yet the media never once attacked Clinton for being an anti-men sexist.

In a new shocking poll by FOX News, Trump is also leading Hillary Clinton with Hispanics by 10 points. Despite the fact that these Hispanics do not feel offended by Trump’s wall plans, the media still brands Trump as a “racist” while branding Clinton as a “winner with minorities”. Trump has made it clear numerous times that the wall is only to prevent ILLEGAL immigration, drugs and possible ISIS terrorists, not to stop law abiding migrants who want to migrate legally, but the Democrats are making a big deal out of it because apparently they value lawlessness. What Democrats don’t understand is that most (definitely not all) of these Hispanic migrants go to America to escape lawlessness, not to have more lawlessness, therefore that’s why they approve Trump’s wall with Mexico.

The establishment politicians and the mainstream media are losing control and panicking, that’s why they keep attacking and criticizing Trump 24/24 on TV.


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  1. skreamer says:

    I wonder if they start WW3 or some other national disaster before the election then Obama will remain your dictator!

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