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Trump: Crooked Hillary Losing To Crazy Bernie, But Race Rigged By Democrats

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Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump labeled Hillary Clinton “crooked” and Bernie Sanders “crazy” in an interview Wednesday when asked about his Democratic presidential rivals.

“I call him crazy Bernie because he’s not very good,” Trump said, adding “Who’s going to run against a socialist and lose?” referring to the fact that Hillary Clinton is likely to take the nomination.

Trump was speaking following wins in the Nebraska and West Virginia primaries, where no challengers remained to go up against the presumptive nominee.

“I don’t want to hit Crazy Bernie Sanders too hard yet because I love watching what he is doing to Crooked Hillary. His time will come!” Trump tweeted after the interview.

Trump was reacting to Sanders edging a victory in the West Virginia primary over Clinton on Tuesday. While Sanders picked up more delegates, the win does little relatively to close the gap between him and Clinton.

A new poll out of Quinnipiac University, however, shows that Trump is significantly reducing the gap between himself and Clinton in the race for the White House.

The poll finds that the two candidates are now neck and neck in the three key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Previous polls suggested that Trump was trailing Clinton by double figures.

“Six months from election day, the presidential races between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the three most crucial states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, are too close to call,” said Peter A. Brown, the Quinnipiac Poll’s assistant director.

“At this juncture, Trump is doing better in Pennsylvania than the GOP nominees in 2008 and 2012. And the two candidates are about where their party predecessors were at this point in Ohio and Florida.”

Trump also hit on several other subjects during this morning’s interview.

Noting that the FBI investigation into Clinton’s email server appears to be winding down, Trump slammed Hillary, noting “Everything really about Hillary is rigged. She looks like she’ll be able to run.”

Trump also indicated that there may be a role for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, in the context of countering radical Islamists.

“We have a president that won’t even use the term ‘radical islamic terrorism.’ He won’t use the term. He refuses to say the term, even after Paris where 130 people were killed or San Bernardino or any other place…. It’s a real problem.” Trump said.

“So we’ll figure it out, and we will get it going. But we have to be extremely careful. In fact, I’m thinking about setting up a commission perhaps headed by Rudy Giuliani to take a very serious look at this problem. But this is a worldwide problem, and we have to be smart.” he added.

Trump also commented on the Bushes ‘sitting out’ the election, saying he understands because he “hit Jeb really hard.” Despite this, Trump added that it was “dishonorable” of former president Bush to back out of a pledge to support the party’s nominee.

Trump also spoke of the allegations that Facebook has been censoring ‘Conservative’ news posts, noting “I’m hearing more and more that they’re doing that.”

“They deny it, or they’re trying to deny it, but I’ve heard from many people that they’re doing that, that would be terrible,” Trump added, clarifying that he is yet to personally see evidence of it happening.

The full interview can be viewed below:


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  • simon

    Trump is good at giving people nicknames- he’s like ‘school bully’ and probably hasn’t grown past that point. However he is an expert at bankruptcy and financial failure, but this hardly qualifies him for the task he is aiming for

    • Feriss.H

      Are you saying that overambitious dirty rotten scoundrel Hillary and mad dog Bernie, another poisonous Kike readying his fangs to bite in the already tranquilized America, are better choices? It’s hard to say which one is worse, as both would further hammer the nails in America’s coffin. After eight years of monkey business, these two are the least suitable option for next POTUS and CIC

      • Simon

        No. I am talking about a person called trump

        • Feriss.H

          Compared to these two Democraps, Trump is almost as a salvation. I doubt it might be any worse after eight years of Kenyan Muslim in the WH. At least he called spade the spade, which poked in the nerves of White Traditional Americans, and they reacted enrapturedly, didn’t they. I am convinced that America, Europe and the rest of the world need some brake from eternal sleazy slimy establishment and their seemingly polite and ridiculous babbling. Let give him a chance and see what will be.

          • Simon

            Your politics is confusing- seems to be leaning towards dictatorship at times. You don’t give people a chance if they might finish up with their finger on the h bomb button.

          • Feriss.H

            What makes you contemplating that trump would press the “Golden Buzzer”. I doubt anyone would do that, no matter how eccentric he/she might be. We all need change from Obambo’s “change”, any change; otherwise there will be no change, ever.

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