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Top Vietnamese Officials Skip Obama Greeting at Airport

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US President Obama in Hanoi Sunday night receives bouquet of flowers.

Barack Obama arrived in Communist Vietnam on Sunday night.

The country’s top officials skipped the welcoming ceremony.

Poor Barack.

Nobody respects him, not even the Communist Vietnamese.

As a consolation prize they did give him a pretty bouquet.

The Communists Cubans snubbed Obama in Havana in March, too.

Here’s a list of the officials who picked the short straw.


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  • Lone Ranger

    Why should he meet with a jihadi troll?
    Vietnam is not very smart trying to get closer to the U.S. govt after the Vietnam war, 5million Vietnamese were killed(8million unoficially), they are only doing it to anger China wich they dont like very much nowdays, Vietnam uses mostly Russian and Chinese weaponery now they want to buy some U.S. stuff, but only an idiot would do that, same or worse performance for 4 times the price and it cant be used against the U.S., they will simply shut down like the French SAM systems didn in 1991 in Iraq before the invasion, Russian stuff works, U.S. only works against non U.S. stuff, go figure, it doesnt take a brainsurgeon.
    All that said Vietnamese people are probably the most badass, most fearless, most battlehardened people, they were in a constant war for hundreds of years, against the Chinese, japanese, french, U.S., Cambodian Khmer Rogue, and they won it all, Respect guys.

  • skreamer

    Maybe they just don’t like fags!

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