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The White House Plan to Make the Suburbs Less Wealthy and White

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For leftists, multiculturalism isn’t always about flooding a country with millions of immigrants from incompatible cultures, as we’ve seen in Europe over the past few years.

It’s also about integrating the cultures that already exist within a nation. As far as they’re concerned, a neighborhood that lacks diversity is unacceptable. We must all be equal in all ways, even when it comes to the culture and appearance of our communities.

That’s why Housing Secretary Julian Castro is going to launch a plan to punish the suburbs for being so white and wealthy. His “Small-Area Fair Market Rents” regulation will likely be signed off by Obama this October, and won’t require Congressional approval.

First and foremost, the plan will involve a massive increase in subsidies for section 8 housing. Impoverished inner city residents will be receiving vouchers that will allow them to afford housing in high cost suburbs, and government real estate agents will be assigned “mobility counselors,” to ensure that these impoverished minorities will be sent to the suburbs.

However, this isn’t just about sending the inner city’s poor into wealthy neighborhoods. It’s also about forcibly breaking up their former communities. While subsidies will be increased for people who want to move to the suburbs, they will be decreased for people who have the gall to stay in their low-income neighborhoods.

Once again, the left has shown that they don’t really care as much about the poor and minorities as they claim they do. To them, these people are just political pawns they can use to import crime and welfare dependent voters into areas that aren’t so liberal. They don’t really care about what different races or cultures want, and they don’t really care about what the rich and the poor want. They think they know what we all need, better than we do.


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2 Responses to " The White House Plan to Make the Suburbs Less Wealthy and White "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Agenda 21+kalergi plan.

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  2. Feriss.H says:

    This happens when you unconditionally surrender to your enemy. Lefty Libretards, LGBT deviants, and SUBSTANTIAL MAJORITY of Negros, Latinos and Muslims are THE ULTIMATE ENEMY of Traditional European Americans, while Khazarian (Jewish) Mafia and their Global Corporations serve as a vicious Command Centers.

    European Americans somehow recklessly, almost like spoiled brats, forgot that THEIR ancestors made America, and they are now wasting own inheritance with a lightning speed. Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again can succeed only under one condition; European Americans have to Take America Back from hijackers FIRST, that is an imperative and there is no alternative to this.

    If that would require a Second Civil War, than let it be WAR, up to the total annihilation of the enemies, or hostile alliance will annihilate European Americans. It doesn’t matter who might start first, we in Europe or You in America, as our time is ticking away. Now on, every passing year by doing nothing, critically diminishes chances for our survival.

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