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Russia's new Hypersonic Weapon YU-71 will Outdo any Missile Defense System

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Mike Billington of the Executive Intelligence Review said that Vladimir Putin was strategically one step ahead of his US counterpart Barack Obama, because the Russians have a hypersonic weapon capable of overcoming any US missile defense system.

According to the military expert, it was not a bright move for the United States to deploy missile defenses in Europe. According to Billington, the policy of Barack Obama is real madness that has pushed the world to a nuclear war.

“Obama has openly deployed the necessary forces believing insanely that a preemptive strike against Russia or China could take out the nuclear response capacity of those nations. This is insane but it could in fact lead to a war. The idea that the US could in fact defeat Russia is ludicrous. Putin who unquestionably is the most brilliant strategic strategist of the current era, of the modern era, has kept one step ahead of Obama at every step of this way,” Billington told PressTV.

The new Russian weapon, when passed into service, will be able to intercept the US missile defense system. According to The Washington Times, it goes about the hypersonic YU-71 flying vehicle that Russia is currently testing. The advantage of the YU-71 is about its speed and maneuverability. The vehicle is said to develop the speed ten times the speed of sound.

The vehicle carries nuclear warheads and was designed to overcome the US missile defense system. Twenty-four hypersonic nuclear-capable aircraft will be deployed at Dombarovsky range ground from 2020 to 2025, experts with Jane’s Information Group said. By that time, Moscow will have a new intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying the YU-71, the newspaper said. The vehicle will be able to reach the speed of up to 11,200 km/h (7,000 mph). The newspaper suggests that Russia will take advantage of the new weapon to promote its position at arms control negotiations.


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  • Lone Ranger

    Cool but the older ICBM’s especially with MIRV tech are already superior to the missile defense shield thats more likely against “black projects” that arent even public yet.

  • skreamer

    They have plasma weapons! This is a distraction!
    Who cares about who has the fastest nuclear weapon!….its all over for everyone if they launch but a few! The good news is they cant explode a nuclear weapon when they want too…they need to wait for the pocket to open and the bomb has to be at a particular height at a particular angle in that pocket for it to work! …they might have to wait weeks for a pocket to open!
    Thats why they waited 2 days before they bombed Nagasaki …they had to wait for the pocket to open over the city!

  • nick1111

    Stupid Nigga

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