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Rumors Emerge that Trump Will Appoint Ron Paul as Secretary of State

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On Wednesday, the neocon journalist Jennifer Rubin tweeted under the hashtag #thingstoworryabout. She is afraid Ron Paul will be selected as Secretary of State in a Trump administration.

Rubin, described as a “conservative” journalist, works for The Washington Post where she espouses the neocon line on foreign policy. As an advocate for “American exceptionalism,” she supports military intervention and the never-ending war on terror.

So far, Donald Trump has not said he will appoint Ron Paul as Secretary of State.

It’s a great idea, though.

As Secretary of State, Paul would rollback Pax Americana and pursue a policy of noninterventionism. He would follow George Washington’s advice and oppose entangling alliances with other nations and wars of aggression. Paul would bring the troops home from hundreds of US bases in Korea, Japan, Europe and elsewhere around the world. He would shut down foreign aid. He rejects the dangerous confrontation with Iran, the embargo against Cuba, and military actions elsewhere. He advocates ending US participation in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Free trade with all and entangling alliances with none has always been the best policy in dealing with other countries on the world stage,” he writes. “This is the policy of friendship, freedom and non-interventionism and yet people wrongly attack this philosophy as isolationist. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“Truly conservative in the sense of the words ‘to conserve our true values’ means being serious about taking our oath of office to the Constitution,” Paul writes. “Limit the government’s size, the spending, the deficits, and the exposure around the world. If the US is as great as I believe it should be and can be and has been, we will have influence around the world. We cannot spread our greatness and our goodness through the barrel of a gun. It fails because it destroys our goodness by doing it that way.”

Ron Paul opposes globalist trade treaties and organizations that diminish US sovereignty. He stands against the United Nations, NATO, the International Criminal Court, the Law of the Sea Treaty, the World Trade Organization, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. He opposes the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“There’s nobody in this world that could possibly attack us today… we could defend this country with a few good submarines. If anybody dared touch us we could wipe any country off of the face of the earth within hours. And here we are, so intimidated and so insecure and we’re acting like such bullies that we have to attack third-world nations that have no military and have no weapons,” he told The Washington Post in 2007.

“Look, we are bankrupt as a nation,” Paul explained during his bid for the presidency. “Our army marches in Chinese boots, while our air force flies on Saudi oil. We cannot continue to enforce a Pax Americana while our southern border allows illegals and terrorists to pour into our country. And we certainly shouldn’t be footing the defense bill for countries with whom our industries compete in the global marketplace. Bring our soldiers home. Secure America first.”

Neocons are in dire fear Trump will institute Paul’s libertarian values on foreign policy and shut down the neocon war machine. That’s why they are scrambling to undermine his presidential bid. That’s why they proposed a third party running Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio.


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  • Jim Burkiewicz

    I was going to vote for the Libertarian candidate for president like I did in 2012 and 2008 but with a Ron Paul appointment as security of state I would actually think about voting for Trump.

  • rh2

    Some of Ron Paul’s ideas are excellent, and if implemented would benefit the US. He’s opposed to the UN, which is a Muslim-dominated, anti-Western band of saboteurs that ought to be dismantled. The International Criminal Court of Justice is another wayward entity that too often prosecutes innocent people. It also should be sent to the scrapyard of history. A Trump Presidency with Ron Paul as Sec. of State definitely would be a step in the right direction after the catastrophic Obama administration!

  • skreamer

    Get their hands on Ron Paul, mind control him and make him a puppet!

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