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No-go Areas: Huge Increase In Attacks On Police In Sweden

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Swedish police have been attacked in 14 so-called ‘no-go zones’ with knives and hand grenades, and are bracing for more violence this summer.

A new report from researchers and police in Sweden has revealed a huge increase of crimes and assaults carried out on paramedics, fire-fighters and police.

Certain neighbourhoods and towns, often known for high migrant populations, have been designated as unsafe for emergency crews to respond to fires or medical emergencies without an armed police escort. In some areas emergency service workers have been attacked with knives, have had projectiles thrown at them, including rocks, and in at least one case, a hand grenade reports Expressen.

Emergency service workers have been targets for attacks in Sweden for years but many fear that the attacks are becoming more frequent and potentially more deadly.


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  • Kristian Tvesjå

    Why the norwegian prime minister [they’re just as mad though, so no biggie] ?

    Dalai Lama now goes out to say everyone should try to return to their homeland when possible. He laughs of the thought of Germany being arabic. A very sound man, that helps those desperate but can not let them overturn a society.

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