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Nebraska Republicans Pass Resolution to Reprimand NeverTrump Ben Sasse

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The Nebraska Republican State Convention is underway today in Omaha, Nebraska.

Republican Sam Fischer introduced a resolution to reprimand Senator Ben Sasse for his outspoken attacks on Republican nominee Donald Trump and for leading the anti-Trump movement.

Sasse, a Republican, is the top Republican office holder pushing for a third party run this fall against Donald Trump.

In effect, Ben Sasse is supporting Hillary Clinton.

Today a motion was introduced to reprimand Senator Sasse.

Here is the latest.

Sasse spoke earlier today at the convention. The Delegates are VERY UPSET with Sasse.

The Vote was around 400 to 8!

Supporters (rightfully) say Sasse’ anti-Trump rhetoric will only help Hillary Clinton!

It was a bitter/sweet day for Sasse. He was greetly warmly by some delegates today, who then slapped him down for anti-Trump stance.


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  • Feriss.H

    For being a politician you don’t need much of intellect, you just need a tick, very tick skin, and this creep Sasse might qualify as a crocodile

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