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Muslim With ISIS Ties Arrested After Assaulting Cops in Texas

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Arab Muslim Wahib Sadek Ahmed was arrested after making terrorist statements during an assault on a Texas police officer.

The armed, agitated Islamic State supporter was arrested on Tuesday.

Wahib Sadek claimed he had ties with ISIS.

Inside Sadek’s car, officers found the knife and three guns, including an AK-47, and a loaded 45-caliber pistol.
CBS Local reported:

A man is in jail, charged with assaulting and harassing an officer with the Arlington Police Department.

Investigators tell CBS 11 News, something that suspect said during the incident also prompted police to notify the FBI.

Wahib Sadek now faces charges of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and assaulting a public servant.

It was around 3 p.m. Tuesday when police say an Arlington School Resource Officer was driving to the station when two people flagged him down. The residents told the officer about a possible aggravated assault by a man who was believed to be armed.

The officer found Sadek’s vehicle, and made a traffic stop near Green Oaks and Waterview Drive. It was then police say Sadek got out of his car and began walking toward the officer, in what was perceived as an aggressive manner.

Since the officer didn’t see Sadek brandishing any type of weapon he holstered his gun and took out a taser. Even though Sadek was ordered to get on the ground, in moments caught on cell phone video, the 22-year-old would not stop walking toward the officer. The officer used the taser on Sadek after the two got into a physical fight. But, with the help of two private citizens, the suspect was eventually taken into custody.

Police say they found several firearms inside Sadek’s car. Investigators also learned later that Sadek allegedly threatened another woman with a knife before the incident in Arlington.

Police say Sadek’s charges include Harrassment of a Public Servant because he spit on one of the Arlington police officers who responded to the scene.


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2 Responses to " Muslim With ISIS Ties Arrested After Assaulting Cops in Texas "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    obongo and hitlery have imported tens of thousends of these jihadi rapefugees into the U.S. and they want more…a lot more, just like stasi mutti merkel who has imported 1.4million rapfugees into the EU, and they lost track over them a long time ago, according to merkel the solution to the rapes and criminal activities comitted by the rapefugees is to bring in even more rapefugees, the more the better…..Can you spell High Treason??
    Where is the military, where are the intelligence services?, Parliament? Nobody has enough balls to arrest these people? But they wanna fuck with Russians…..hahaha, oh boy, I need to buy some popcorn it will be hilarious.

    Google: Kalergi plan
    Google: third prediction of albert pike.

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    • Feriss.H says:

      This is exactly what haunts me from the day the Kenyan Mullah crept in the WH – “Where is the military, where are the intelligence services” – Instead on Muslims, they are focused like idiots on Russia and Putin who are absolutely no threat to US. I hope with Trump in the WH Military will be put back on track, which means abandoning disgraceful but rampant Faggization, Feminization and stop pursuing artificial conflict with Russia. US prime enemies are already on the US soil – Muslims, illegal immigrants, Faggs, Marxist Jewry and Liberal morons. Trump already loosed PC chains, and people have to follow by losing the same chains from their highjacked minds. That could be the CHANGE that decaying America and Europe desperately needs.

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