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Media Obsessed with Trump's Tax Returns, Reagan Said It's "Invasion of Privacy"

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Ronald Reagan only released one year of tax returns saying it was an invasion of privacy.

The conservative leader only released the one return after the 1979 Republican National Convention.

Liberal pundits and Mitt Romney want billionaire Donald Trump to release his returns so they can scour the pages for hit pieces on the GOP frontrunner.

Donald Trump signing his tax returns in 2015.

The liberal media wants desperately to get their hands on this pile of paper.

Donald Trump told Hillary lackey George Stephanopoulos today his tax returns were “none of his business.”

Bottomline, do Republicans and especially Trump supporters even care to see his tax return files? Of course they don’t. You can watch the overwhelming thumbs down to all these Youtube videos from media presstitutes such as FOX, MSNBC, CNN, NBC for all their videos on Trump’s tax return files. Furthermore you can go through the comments and be stunned to find out that the vast majority of people DO NOT WANT to see Trump’s tax returns, furthermore they don’t even care. All they want from Trump is to build the wall, ban the Muslims and get their jobs back from China.

Trump said numerous times that he cannot release any tax return files while he is under audit, yet the media is still obsessed to get their filthy greasy hands on his files. FOX News host Greta Van Susteren who is a lawyer by profession agreed with Trump while interviewing him, saying that she too wouldn’t allow Trump to release his tax returns while under audit if she were his lawyer.

So why is the media obsessed with Trump’s taxes? Because the media is openly THE ENEMY of Trump and of the people of course, with a few exceptions here and there of course. They wanna get their hands on those taxes so they can do a search for the needle in haystack until they find something to use against Trump.

The mainstream media is so disgusting, it deserves to be totally banned from professing.

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