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Kremlin War Erupts Over Release Of Top Secret Hillary Clinton Emails

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An intriguing Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today suggests that a “war of words” has broken out between the Director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov and Chairwoman of the Council of Federation Valentina Matviyenko over the issue of releasing to the Western media tens-of-thousands of top secret and classified emails obtained by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) from the private, but unsecured, computer (email server) belonging to former US Secretary of State, and present American presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. [Note: Words appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, beginning in 2011, SVR intelligence analysts began “serious/concerning” monitoring of a Romanian computer hacker named Marcel Lazăr Lehel (aka Guccifer) after he attempted, unsuccessfully, to break into the computer system of the Federation funded RT television network.

Following SVR procedures for the monitoring of international computer hackers, this report continues, Guccifer’s activities were followed and recorded (both physically and electronically) allowing these intelligence analysts, in 2013, to not only detect his breaking into the private computer of Secretary Clinton, but allowing the SVR to copy all of its contents too.

Shortly after the SVR obtained these tens-of-thousands of top secret and classified emails from Secretary Clinton’s private computer, this report notes, Chairwoman Matviyenko personally authorized a “partial/limited” release of them to RT—who then, on 20 March 2013, published an article about them titled Hillary Clinton’s ‘hacked’ Benghazi emails: FULL RELEASE—but which barely no Western mainstream media sources reported on at the time.

It wasn’t until this past January (2016), this report further notes, that any American news media reported about the loss of Secretary Clinton’s emails when Vice News published their article titled Libyan Oil, Gold, and Qaddafi: The Strange Email Sidney Blumenthal Sent Hillary Clinton In 2011—and that confirmed our 1 August 2014 report about what really caused Secretary Clinton to order the destruction of Libya.

FSB director Bortnikov was “highly furious” by Chairwoman Matviyenko’s authorizing the release of Secretary Clinton’s emails, this report continues, due to his fears that the American’s would soon discover the original source of the hacking—which the US exactly did by aiding the Romanian government in their investigation of him causing the arrest of Guccifer, in Romania, on 22 January 2014, that was followed by the US indicting him too in June of that same year.

After Guccifer’s arrest, this report says, he was convicted of his computer hacking crimes in Romania and sentenced to 7 years in prison.

In March (2016), this report continues, Chairwoman Matviyenko “hinted/suggested” to her “peers/comrades” that due to President Putin’s favorable “opinion/thoughts” about American presidential candidate Donald Trump, as it relates to the Federation, the Security Council should considering releasing all of Secretary Clinton’s top secret and classified emails in a bid to assist him against a person (Hillary Clinton) whose global catastrophes are well documented and who is, also, “hated/repugnant” by the Russian people.

Within days of Chairwoman Matviyenko making her thoughts known to the Security Council regarding Secretary Clinton’s emails, this report notes, the Obama regime, on 31 March, rushed Guccifer from his Romanian prison cell to the United States where he remains imprisoned, awaiting either a trial or deal to tell what he knows—the facts of which were concealed from the American people by NBC News.

Following the Obama regime’s taking Guccifer from Romania, this report says, the US then launched a disinformation counterattack against the Federation by their releasing, on 15 April, of CIA intelligence doctored documents, referred to as the Panama Papers, casting unfounded, and undocumented, allegations against many Federation business people and politicians that the FSB describes as an “overt/notice now” warning to the Kremlin that should Secretary Clinton’s top secret and classified emails be released more damage to Russian peoples could be done.

Though this Security Council report doesn’t conclusively show which side will win in this tug-of-war about releasing Secretary Clinton’s top secret and classified emails, it does bear our wondering about the affect they could have (if released) not only on the American presidential race, but US-Russian relations too.

UPDATE! Russia has just released a massive collection of hacked documents on Hillary Clinton on 16 June 2016, only a month and about a half after this report. The documents have been dubbed Guccifer 2.0 and according to a US security company, all traces point towards Russia who has engaged in a campaign to defame Hillary Clinton.


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  • I remember the Zionist jews saying of Slick Willie; “he’s the most compromised president in US history and because of that, we love him.” (He’ll do our bidding or he will be easy to destroy – and he knows it).

    The same can be said about old lady Clinton, she’d be the second most compromised president in US history. And yeah, even though she’s already a stooge of Zionist, warmongering jews, she’d be a total puppet if she ever sat her fat ass in the oval office chair.

  • Nothing but an Obama third term – only worse, if you care to imagine that.

  • Rob Seven

    is this a good source?…..any vetting of this info available?…….this could be huge, if true….

  • All I know is that I trust almost any source from OUTSIDE of the United States to tell me the truth about what’s happening INSIDE the United States. And nothing in this article gives me pause for thought. I believe it fully.

    • NotYou

      This isn’t from outside. This is obviously a Republican website. Like come on… are you really falling for:
      “Europe Close to Total Annihilation as EC Wants Turkey to Join Schengen”.
      “Democrat Infiltrators Bush Family and Paul Ryan Refuse To Endorse Republican Nominee Trump”.
      “Vicente Fox Apologizes to Trump! His Response? “Ready Your Money, You WILL PAY for the Wall”

      Obvious Republican clickbait site is obvious.

      • Robert

        The content matches what we are hearing from other sources outside of the US, including International Herald Tribune, and most importantly, what hackers are talking about in their IRC chats.
        Lots of chatter also about Huma having a lesbian affair with Hillary and the whole Panama Papers smear campaign.
        I tend to find this story believable, even as I do not think you are wrong about this being a tea party source.

        • Arnie Stimpleton

          Do you have the link to the International Herald Tribune article regarding this?

          • Robert

            Arnie, its odd, but I tried googling it. It has vanished. Not so unusual in this day and age. Western media learned well from the Chinese.
            Its a shame that media has ceased to be objective and is mere punditry. If I find it, I will send you a link. Take care.

  • Yaya Yanes

    I don’t doubt this at all. AND I thought Obama made it perfectly clear to the #ClintonCriminals when he allowed them to set up their “Foundation” aka Money Laundering scheme that Killary was to have no contact with Sidney Blumenthal.

  • Sherrie Augusta

    Russia owes us nothing. If they were smart they would release everything they have. In keeping them secret they are in danger, I have no doubt we will do to them what we have done to every other country that had something we wanted. It is usually oil and gold they want and steal but the e-mails are just as valuable. Give the papers to a trusted journalists to post on facebook. We have no other way in the US of getting news. We have become a communist country with no democracy.

    • Joseph Mitchener

      Not communist. Fascist. The US distribution of wealth is as bad as it was just before the Great Depression of 1929. Neither Hillary nor “the Donald” will change that.

  • sanduchi

    I never thought our country would become this corrupt. I was so mistaken. I also voted for Obama twice. Another big mistake. And now they want me to make it a clean sweep in doing the next wrong thing by voting for HRC. Our country will officially be in the crapper.

  • Patricia S

    Sounds to
    me like a convenient opportunity for the press to delute The Bre Payton piece on Sidney Bloomingthal Hillary and what lead up to The Embassy in Libya being bombed published in The Federalist.

    This article got posted with in hours of the first.
    Wonder if Angela Merkel would care to way in. Let’s face it Washington is crawling with STUPID BREACHES.

  • Sally Striffler

    Release everything. You don’t want Hillary in the White House. She is itching to go to war with Russia & Iran. Do what you can to stop her.

    • systemBuilder

      OBVIOUSLY if the Russians release the emails, they want Donald Trump to be president. If the Russians DO NOT release the emails, they want Hillary Clinton for president !!!

      • You are assuming of course that the purloined emails really exist. If this story is a plant, then the planters want Trump (or maybe Bernie?) in the White House.

      • smitty888

        No, neither “obviously” nor reasonable. If, by any remote chance, the news is accurate, the logical thing for Putin to do would be to release the docs. Doing so would, hopefully, put down Hillary and let Bernie take on Trump, who he would more readily beat anyway. Both Hillary and Trump have been making noxious war-mongering sounds about Putin and Russia.

      • Paul Dav

        If they release them all, you get Bernie Sanders as president.
        I can live with that.

        • Chuck Stevens

          bernie the commie are you insane

          • HereAfter Now

            Bernie polls better against Trump, and no he is not a commie. Please educate yourself

  • Denise Comeau Mirto

    The European Union Times claims to be a news site. Its articles on Barack Obama have been linked from a few Libertarian Tea Party blogs, presumably pleased to find what is apparently a news site that supports some of their views. It even has lots of mainstream advertising served by ContextWeb! Eminently respectable to all appearances.

    Upon closer inspection, however, it is little more than a compiler and regurgitator of various news stories and a particularly unpleasant far-right-leaning blog. The reporting is, without exception, shockingly unprofessional. Do not be fooled by the nice WordPress theme — this is utter neo-Nazi bollocks.

    The site is similar to a libertarian GlobalResearch or Infowars.

  • mollycruz

    I doubt if she’s itching, but she will if it works. That’s her mode.

  • Paul Dav

    Release them all.

  • Devon Grubb

    Please release all the Emails, and help us put Hillary Behind Bars. The world Needs Bernie Sanders as President of the USA. The American People are so Sick of the USA corruption.

    • MJ

      Bernie has no chance. If Hillary is indicted they will nominate Biden or whoever. You Democrats actually think you democratically nominate democrat leaders. Lol! Ralph Nader and Ron Paul scared the pants off the corrupt Dem and Repub establishments. So they teamed up and passed laws that made it almost impossible for a 3rd party candidate be elected. The Duocracy in America screws over America. They play good cop bad cop as screw over the American people’s rights.

  • This looks like another big distraction. Russian potentates could terribly discredit Hillary and other evil-minded U.S. rulers in a few days by simply “inviting” Russian media, churches and schools properly educate the Russian public on 9/11’s essence,


  • Harvey Dent

    For the love of God please release them all.

  • Chuck Stevens

    does super beets think its funny making fun of cancer like dana losch please call and ask them (888) 202-1345 !!!

  • The son of a White whore is despised as a “world leader” so Putin gets to embarrass the USA again. Hellery we know is a proven thief, a liar has zero self respect and even less morals then Wild Bill. Just imagine the top secretes the Russians have that they are not releasing ? By showing they have infiltrated HELLery E mails the USA now has to back track all their weapon systems and security codes costing billions in damage control. Hellery should be tried for treason by the military along with the guilty members of the senate and congress and the DOJ as no one took real action against her for her Bosnia lies and her constant deceit . There need to be a real investigation into the funds received by the Clinton “foundation”

    • Mr Reynard

      You mean, the schwarza mamzer son of a ho ??

    • MJ

      Umm no, the democrats are proven liars and corrupt. Trump said Putin would make a great ally. Both say this mass immigration is madness. I’d like to see Russia and USA be partners. Good times good times. The Democrats F’ed over Russia and Putin. Go Trump! #Trump2016

  • Robin Patti-Bellocchio

    Only fair after the data dump Panama papers! Most Americans see thru it and know it was to make Russia look bad! Many in the US respect Mr Putin a lot. We are not listening to fake media, we gave gone for the truth. WHAT WE FOUND OUT, IT’S BAD! We have been hijacked by the globalist cabal and bankers running our country! We will TAKE IT BACK

  • The schwarza mamzer son of a ho <<<< Yes that be the one

  • Marvin Miller

    unless you want Trump with his finger on the button I suggest you release by June 7th to get Bernie in who will beat Trump. Bernie is anti war and someone with reason who everyone will be more comfortable with.Use your god-dam brains and release them please for the worlds sake.

    • MJ

      Trump already said he likes Putin. Crazy Bernie has ZERO chance. Moderates in USA are not voting Bernie. Bernie will get 30% far left liberal vote. And maybe not that. USA is done with the liberal mass immigration agenda. The news won’t report it because they are all in for Hillary. But I live in the USA. Trump is extremely popular. He will be the next president.

      • Marvin Miller

        trump is set to self imploded he’s a Hillary plant. they are cousins and friends and Bill is the one who recruited him. and you don’t have a clue who Bernie or his supporters are and what they stand for or how many there are. remember Hillary broke the firewall into his donor list and purged them in every state and independent who are 43 percent of this country were not allowed to vote and 90 percent of them support Bernie. He beats Trump in all the poles by double digits and there is nothing Trump can do against a honest man. Why do you think he chickened out on the debate. with that being said the 1 percent will never let Bernie win A honest person can only be elected in a democratic nation not a fascist one. If he does get close they will pull a JFK but he has already one by opening eyes to clean our system out from the bottom up. Once you see what has happen to our nation they will never blind you again. People are starting to fight back whack what happens in down ticket. His supporters are only voting for people with Bernie friendly agendas.

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