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Kid Screams “You Suck!” at Ted Cruz Rally, Cruz Says He'll Spank Him

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Ted Cruz’s tiny rally in La Porte where he said he would beat the kid up if he were his kid.

Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck held a rally yesterday in La Porte, Indiana.

During his speech some kid screamed, “You suck!”

Ted Cruz told the kid he’d spank him.

The Daily Caller reported:

Sen. Ted Cruz said a kid growing up in his household would have been spanked if they acted out the way a boy did towards him Sunday during a rally. The pre-teen boy was escorted out by local law enforcement when he told Cruz during a rally, “You suck.”

The incident began when Cruz talked about his tax plan and heard the boy’s voice screaming something un-intelligible to him from the crowd.

“Apparently there’s a young boy who’s had some problems,” Cruz said. The child yelled something unknown again at Cruz but then screamed louder, “You suck.”

“Thank you son. I appreciate you sharing your views. You know, hopefully one of the things somebody has told you is that children should actually speak with respect. Imagine what a different world it would be if someone told Donald Trump that years ago. In my household, when a child behaved that way, they’d get a spanking.


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One Response to " Kid Screams “You Suck!” at Ted Cruz Rally, Cruz Says He'll Spank Him "

  1. skreamer says:

    See this is where the lies start! Cruz says he was brought up in a house! Bullshit!..Satan spawned him in some cave somewhere in Mexico! Once Cruz had his fill of baby blood he was strong enough to leave and flew out of the cave to Murica where he tried to take over!
    Its true! Cruz does suck!…mostly babies sometimes children! he post their bodies back to his cave in Mexico for later on…”munchies” or someone to talk too!

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