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John Kasich Finally Drops Out As No One Wants to Give Him Free Food Anymore

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Ohio Governor John Kasich dropped out of the presidential race today while in Columbus Ohio, finally ending the American National Free Food Festival 2016! He’s been on the tour for quite a while, but now that no one wants to give him free food anymore, he’s finally quitting.

Initially K-Sick said that his campaign’s strategy “has been and continues to be one that involves winning the nomination at an open convention,” Kasich stated that he “will remain in the race unless a candidate reaches 1,237 bound delegates before the Convention.” definitely hoping to get more free food and perhaps even some traveling across the country.

However the free food candidate won just one state, Ohio, his own and nobody wanted to fund him anymore and give him free food so he had to drop out. He probably also realized that he was making a fool out of himself.

In fact, a lot of people think the Ohio governor is in it for the food. Many took it to Twitter and started a huge MEME wave against K-Sick!

If not leaving now, hes staying around till the convention for the free pancakes.

Yummmy! I luv my pizza! Whaaaat? You mean I have to go home? No more free food? Kasich said: “Ohh well the Lord has a purpose for me, I have renewed faith, deeper faith that the Lord will give me more free food next time!”

Whaaaaat? Tha party iz ova? Well i’m NOT leavin!

Others felt that the continuing existence in the race of both Kasich and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was something straight out of Hollywood.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Mr. Kasich had planned to host a series of fundraising events in the Washington area Wednesday, but planned attendance diminished after Mr. Trump’s commanding victory in Indiana’s primary, an aide said.

This comes three hours after his campaign released a new Star Wars ad.

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2 Responses to " John Kasich Finally Drops Out As No One Wants to Give Him Free Food Anymore "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    No offence, I know this was a joke, well sort of, but I also noticed that many americans are obsessed with free food, and I dont mean fat people at all, they will go for it like a Stuka dive bomber on the eastern front, in Europe only the needy ones are focused on it middle or wealthy class not so much, but in the U.S. even the wealthy will get shaky hands if they can grab a slice of cake or some caviar or even a fuckin sandwich.

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  2. skreamer says:

    Theres this Indian guy who needs to be head chef at the White House and would love to feed John Kasich chocolates!

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