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George Clooney: Trump Will Never be President Because America is Not Racist

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Clooney is a total moron and a massive hypocrite!

The worst thing about George Clooney isn’t the unremitting bullsh*t that streams out of his mouth.

It’s the way he always acts as if he’s got the moral high ground.

Hey Clooney; You don’t have the moral high ground.

You’re supporting one of the most corrupt politicians in generations – Hillary Clinton.


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George Clooney: Trump Will Never be President Because America is Not Racist, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


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  • Lone Ranger

    Clooney is a retard and a sellout always was, and he is a shitty actor as well the only movie I liked with him was Solaris.

    • Mark726

      He is just another muslim loving hollywood commie liberal mouthpiece idiot. And yes, a shitty actor, too.

  • Al

    This guy forgets his place, he is just an actor. No brains required for that job. It also shows that intellect has nothing to do with looks. He needs to shut the hell up because he does not understand what Trump is doing. He supports Hillary need I say more?

  • skreamer

    The same reason Brad Pitt supported Bush!…Because hes a blood relation too them and if he dont they well ruin his career!…….thats why hes got a great acting career! Any of the Bush/Queen blood relations get fantastic jobs! This just proves Clooney is one of them!
    These losers are actors and are paid to lie! …its their job!

  • Taking care of business!

    Another Clonneyism–his lobotomy never took. One day, the movie-industry will employ robotic actors–good!

  • skreamer

    Maybe he is acting! ……….like a bitch,……… for his new role in the up coming movie called ……”Im acting like a bitch!” . Its all about a movie actor who is a constant egotistical bitch, Who often says outrageous bitchy things every time hes being interviewed or gets on a podium! Fun for the whole family!
    Rated B…for Bitchy!
    The reason he is pro Hitlery is because she threatens to sit on him if he is not! No man would take that threat lightly! Her ass being so huge …..if she sits down too quickly it causes Earth wobbles!
    George is just scared for his life!

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