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Clinton is George Soros Puppet, Wants a Muslim EU - Hungary PM

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Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban slammed Bill Clinton as a puppet of billionaire George Soros for supporting his plan to flood the EU with “millions” of hostile Muslims.

Clinton last week said the anti-migrant countries of Hungary and Poland “decided democracy is too much trouble,” therefor “they want Putin-like leadership” to “keep the foreigners out.”

Via Breitbart:

Top European leaders have blasted Bill and Hillary Clinton following a war of words about the commitment to democracy of both the Polish and Hungarian governments. One leading figure insisted Mr. Clinton “needs a medical test” following his remarks.

Bill Clinton upset NATO allies in a broadly unreported gaffe accusing Poland and Hungary of thinking “democracy is too much trouble” and wanting to have an “authoritarian dictatorship.” This is despite the fact that Poland recently held elections turfing out the establishment political parties in an election with a higher turnout than Mr. Clinton’s re-election in 1996.

…[Orban] used the incident to highlight the multi-million dollar connections between the Clintons and Hungarian left-wing billionaire George Soros.

…”[B]eyond the American campaign, the remarks made about Hungary and Poland … have a political dimension,” Mr. Orban said, accusing Mr. Clinton of repeating Soros-inspired campaign lines: “These are not accidental slips of the tongue. And [the number of] these slips or remarks have been multiplying since we are living in the era of the migrant crisis. And we all know that behind the leaders of the Democratic Party, we have to see George Soros.”

“And George Soros published his six points supporting the Muslim migration to Europe, in which he announced that at least one million Muslims should be allowed [into Europe] each year, that they must be provided a safe path and that Europe should be happy to get such a chance and shouldn’t be defending against it. He also said that it will cost a lot of money, which he’d loan.”

“So, here, in Central Europe a shadow power exists, which is linked to George Soros, he is one of the most important sponsors of the Democratic Party, so I have to say that although the mouth belongs to Clinton, the voice belongs to George Soros. And since Hungary is where it is, I mean geographically it is where it is and wants to protect its national sovereignty and security, we are a blockade for this Soros plan in America. They will not carry it out here as long as Hungary has a government working in the national interest.”

Fearing Trump’s rise, Soros has already pledged to spend a record $13 million supporting the Democrats this election cycle, at least $8 million of which is going to Hillary Clinton.

While Orban said Soros would loan money to the European Union, in Februrary Soros also demanded EU member states take on massive debt themselves to finance the invasion, lest the EU continue “coming apart at the seams.”

Just weeks ago Orban said his country’s constitution outright bans the “islamization” of Hungary because it commits the government “to promoting and safeguarding our heritage, our unique language, Hungarian culture.”

“We have the right to choose whom we want and don’t want to live with,” he said.

Orban also gave a powerful speech in March where he said the real purpose of the so-called migrant crisis was to “reshape the religious and cultural landscape of Europe, and to reengineer its ethnic foundations. — thereby eliminating the last barrier to internationalism: the nation-states.”

While Hungary was being flooded with an average of around 7,000 migrants a day, the government built their own mini-Trump wall to keep their border secure and migration numbers plummeted immediately after construction was finished.

Last month, ex-US diplomat Adam Topolansky predicted indigenous Europeans would flee to Hungary in the coming years to escape the inevitable disastrous results of the migrant crisis.

While it would be nice if countries like Germany and Sweden followed suit, at least we have one European leader willing to take a stand.


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5 Responses to " Clinton is George Soros Puppet, Wants a Muslim EU - Hungary PM "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    They want a destroy the EU, they want to take out the competition, with a succesful EU and Russia cooperating with eachother with no sanctions +BRICS China included while the U.S. is in a recession, with the highest debt ever would ensure the fall of the U.S. empire, so what are they doing?
    Destroying the EU with rapefugees and libtards, sanctioning Russia trying to weaken their economy, not very capitalistic and free market isnt it, while Russia is a Christian country and more capitalistic nowdays than the U.S., coup in Ukraine with nazis and oligarchs, destroying north africa and the middle east with jihadists, forcing GMO crap on Europe suspending the Constitutions of both the U.S. and EU and using private courts to overrule anybody who is against it, its all lies upon lies, but people are waking up slowly but surely, they can see that its not Russia and China whom are funding the nazis, drug cartels and jihadists, and its not Russia that tries to destroy the U.S. but vice versa in a strive for full spectrum dominance over the planet.
    The U.S. will end up like every empire, British, nazi, soviet you name it, the shift has already begun and it cant be stopped, you cant build an empire on blood and corpses, if you lose the moral high ground you lose everything, simple as that, and the U.S. has lost it a long time ago.

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  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Soros is a fuckin nazi and a traitor to Humanity, he helped rounding up his “fellow” jews, he tricked them to give their wealth to the nazis in exchange for security, than as soon as they did this they were sent to the death camps, probably thats how soros got his first million, how long will this fuckin demon parading around in his rotting meatsuit.

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  3. rh2 says:

    Stay strong, Orban! The pressure on you from filthy race traitors such as the Clintons, the evil EU cabal led by the vile Frau M., and so many other NWO sellouts, must be enormous. Do not weaken. Europeans need wise leaders now more than ever. You and the other democratically elected PM’s in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia are Europe’s main hope to stem the Muslim invasion. Other Patriots will rise up and join you in the fight to keep Europe Caucasian and Christian!

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  4. skreamer says:

    Their all in on it!….its just another scam to sucker you all in!
    There are no good world leaders! none at all, not one!
    Its just all a distraction to keep you distracted!
    You cannot obtain a position of power on earth without first kneeling to Satan!
    There are no exceptions no matter what you think!
    These fuckers are just manipulating you into another corner!
    These fuckers play you smart guys like a basket ball!
    Burn your birth certificate and do not vote!”

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  5. skreamer says:


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