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Bernie Supporters Threaten Violence Over U.S. Flag Stomp Prank

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Bernie Sanders supporters in Anaheim attempted to organize a group of protesters to stomp on the U.S. flag while waving the Communist flag, before realizing they were being pranked and threatening to assault YouTuber Joey Salads.

“Let’s see if they love America or not,” states Salads before he asks a Bernie supporter holding a “f**k Donald Trump” sign to stomp on old glory.

The Bernie supporter and his comrade appear wary but interested. Their main concern isn’t desecrating the flag, but whether the police will arrest them for doing so.

The Bernie supporter with long hair then appears to try to attract attention to get a group of people together to stomp on the flag.

However, the prank goes wrong when someone tells the Bernie Bros that Salads is a famous YouTube prankster.

The long-haired Bernie supporter suddenly discovers his patriotism, stating, “That’s not gonna fly… because that’s disrespecting America.”

The Bernie supporters then try to draw media attention to the fact that Salads tried to set them up, conveniently leaving out the part where they were about to go along with it.

Unaware that the whole spectacle is a set-up, Trump supporters then get angry with Salads.

Salads is chased out of the area by angry Bernie supporters, before returning to retrieve items that were stolen from his bag.

“I’m gonna knock you the f**k out if you don’t shut the f**k up,” threatens the long haired Bernie Bro, while still trying to appear like the victim in front of the media.

This is not the first time that Salads has been confronted by violent Bernie supporters. In a previous social experiment, the YouTuber compared the reactions to him holding a Trump sign to holding a Bernie sign.

The outcome once again illustrated how so-called “progressive” Bernie supporters are in fact deeply intolerant, nasty, violent people.


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  • Lone Ranger

    Too much freetime+too many retards=Bye Bye U.S. of A.

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  • skreamer

    Americans……Those school lunches they feed you at school!..What makes you think they were not putting chemicals in it to make you all exceptionally stupid?
    Thats what you get for not giving a fuck about what your children eat or who is feeding them!
    Now you all pay the price with massively limited intelligence!
    No one gives a fuck about you anymore except we are scared of you because you are in control of the worlds most deadly and powerful armed forces and have the minds of 6 year old child! You have proven this time and time again invading other countries for no reason at all! Only weak countries attack other countries! The amount of human suffering because of the USA bombing, burning, maiming of children in countries all over the world and you stupid bastards still vote for them! You vote for murderers of the human race to keep murdering!
    Your time is more limited than you think!
    Maybe we should put all the Muslims in the USA then go to war with you! That way we can get rid of Muslims and idiots in one go!
    I know there are good smart Americans…..about 5%. …i dont mean you!

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