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Bernie Sanders Warns of Riots this Summer: "Messy Democratic Convention"

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The socialist Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, doing the clenched fist communist salute during one of his rallies.

Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders told the AP today that “democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle” in his push to make the Democratic Party more inclusive of his radical communist ideologies.

Bernie Sanders went on to warn that the Democratic Convention is going to be messy adding the words “so what?” when he was asked by the AP journalist if he thinks the Democratic Convention can get messy this summer. The senior communist Vermont senator also said that “democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle”, definitely alluding to riots and civil unrest.

Shortly after the interview Sanders was slammed by some of the media and Sanders campaign manager quickly dispelled the whole deal, saying “Messy does not mean violent”. The warning came as the Vermont senator said earlier that he will not allow Hillary Clinton to be nominated shortly after she self-crowned herself as “the nominee”. Sanders said that he will fight to the end.

Bernie did say at the beginning of the interview that he “condemns all forms of violence” but with that said it is common knowledge by now that Bernie supporters are the most violent people in America, starting up riots in Chicago, punching police officers, attacking Trump supporters, jumping like drugged crazy psychos on police cars in Costa Mesa California… so one could only understand Bernie’s subtle message to his red communist warriors when he said the Democratic Convention will get messy.

Sanders’s followers got the message, there will be a mess at the convention, mark our words!

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