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"Anti-Establishment Revolutionary" Bernie Sanders Ready to Become Hillary Clinton's VP

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Bernie Sanders, “THE BIG BAD ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT REVOLUTIONARY” who is going to chance the status-quo in Washington, is considering running with warmonger Hillary Clinton who threatened to start a war with Iran on her first days if elected.

According to NDTV:

US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders vowed to keep fighting for the Democratic nomination all the way to the convention in Philadelphia but has kept the door ajar on the possibility of being his current rival Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

Asked if he would accept a hypothetical offer to be Ms Clinton’s running mate, Mr Sanders said he would talk about it with her after the convention in late July.

“Then, after that, certainly Secretary Clinton and I can talk and see where we go from there,” the 74-year-old Vermont Senator said.

It is impossible for Mr Sanders to win enough pledged delegates in the remaining contests to secure the Democratic nomination, but it remains possible, if unlikely, that Ms Clinton might not win the 2,383 delegates needed for the nomination either, which would set up a potential convention battle in Philadelphia.

Well guess what, we knew it all along. Bernie is just another establishment shill! How did we know it? Pha! Hahaha! How couldn’t you figure that out? Its quite simple. Bernie isn’t an outsider, he’s an insider. He’s a been a senator for a long long time now… He has been a politician since 1991 now. That’s anything but outsider. If that means outsider to you then the sky is green and 2+2=5

And then, Bernie started to show his true colors during the debates when he defended Hillary Clinton and said that the American people are tired of hearing about Hillary’s emails. Ohh really? Are they?

Then he went on over and over again never once defending himself when Hillary cornered him with her woman’s card “Sexist, sexist! Bernie is sexist! blah blah blah, I’m an old hag witch, sexist, sexist!” Never once did he had the guts to stand up to her. Not because he’s a complete coward but because he always knew Bilderberg chose Hillary Clinton to be APPOINTED as the next US president during the 2015 meeting so his only chance was to stick around so he can climb on the establishment political ladder and become her Vice-President. He never took the presidency serious because it was simply not his real goal. To the NWO Bilderbergers, Trump is something unexpected, uninvited and unwelcome because he is unpredictable and they don’t like unpredictability. They like puppets like Hillary Clinton who will do everything as told. That’s why you see the media always on the look for the needle in haystack with Trump, seeking to attack him constantly on anything they can.

Ha! Hahaha! This is so funny! It’s as if seeing Trump, doing this because they are both the anti-establishment candidates. No one really knows how much of a real big anti-establishment Trump is with Ted Cruz boasting that Trump is a big liberal all the time and that he was the “real conservative”, but unlike Bernie who has been an insider for 25 years, at least Trump is a real outsider who joined the Washington circus only 10 months ago or so. Now that’s a real outsider! Furthermore Trump has been anti-establishment since day 1. Sanders has only started to pretend to be “anti-establishment” like a few months ago. What a shill… If all of you Bernie supporters out there had any tiny piece of the brain still functional you should switch to Trump.

Now please excuse the following! Aaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha! Aaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha! Aaaha! Haaaaahahahahahaha!!! Feel the Bern! This is all sooooooooo funny to watch all of those Bernie Revolution supporters being tricked by Bernie!

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