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Zealot Glenn Beck says Ted Cruz carries the Burden of Moses

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Glenn Beck the Mormon zealot endorsed Senator Ted Cruz before the Iowa Caucuses and has been campaigning for the former Canadian for several weeks.

Self-declared brain-diseased radio host Glenn Beck who previously threatened to “stab Trump repeatedlytold his psycho audience last month that Ted Cruz was “anointed for this time.”

Beck also brought a fasting child on stage in Utah and declared, “This is the priesthood rising.”

On his television program last week, Beck told his studio audience that he sent an encouraging note to Ted Cruz a couple weeks back because nobody knows what it is like to carry the Moses-like burden that Cruz bears.

Transcript via RWW:

“Imagine being in a position to where you believe it, you believe the country is at the end, you believe that God is telling you, ‘Step up to the plate.’ You believe that you, just like Moses, may be slow in speech and not the perfect guy, but you know if you get in there, you can actually do something and you’ve tried to stay loyal. Do you know what that life is like for two years of tearing yourself apart, of ‘please Lord, just tell me, just tell me, just tell me, I’ll do it, just tell me.’ And the burden of I blew it? Oh my gosh, I don’t want to be them.”



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