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Trump Wins New York in Huge 61% Landslide, Takes Almost All Delegates

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CNN reported Donald Trump will win 90+ delegates in New York state in the Republican primary. John Kasich will win 3 to 5 delegates while Ted Cruz came in third with ZERO delegates. Ted Cruz is also polling third (last) in all of the 5 states upcoming next week, with Trump being first and Kasich trailing behind with double digits. Cruz’s numbers have plummeted recently due to severe election thievery in Colorado and Wyoming, with Cruz now being beaten even by Kasich.

What’s even worse for Ted Cruz is that he is treating this entire thievery issue as normal while people are extremely angry because they weren’t allowed to vote and the winner was just appointed by party insiders just like they do in communist countries, while the US lectures other foreign nations on democracy and fair elections, in lots of cases even sending NGOs to monitor elections in foreign countries to ensure fair elections and avoid election frauds while in its own home ignoring red warning election frauds.

Ted Cruz has been so humiliated by the New York defeat that he didn’t stay in for the winner announcement, he flew straight to Pennsylvania where he was trying to trick some idiots to vote for him but only 150 came to see him! The American presstitute media like always they can never praise Trump no matter how well he is doing. Instead of reporting about his huge New York win, they were trying to create a diversion and reporting as “BREAKING NEWS” how evil and stupid Trump is for not paying damn $5 fee for his airplane license on time. Unbelievable! We sincerely await the days when mainstream media goes bankrupt!

Anyway, in other news now, via FOX News exit poll:
– Trump won 85% of the outsider vote
– 69% of Republicans support Trump in a temporary ban on Muslims.
– 61% of high income voters

FOX News also polled people on GOP nominee and found out that 41% of New York voters will NOT vote for Ted Cruz if he is the GOP nominee while only 26% would not vote for Trump if he is the GOP nominee.

Trump also said in the video above “We Don’t Have Much of a Race Anymore”

Following his win in Tuesday’s New York State Republican presidential primary, party front-runner Donald Trump addressed his supporters declared that it wasn’t much of a race anymore between he and opponent
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and that he was glad to have won delegates “with the votes.”

“We don’t have much of a race anymore,” Trump declared.

He added that Cruz was nearly mathematically eliminated, but insisted that system was “crooked” and he sought to “go back to the old way.”

“Nobody should be given delegates, which is a ticket to victory, and it’s not a fair ticket. And even though we’re leading by a lot and we can’t be caught–it’s impossible to catch us–nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting, and that’s what’s going to happen. And you watch. Because the people aren’t going to stand for it. It’s a crooked system, it’s a system that’s rigged, and we’re gonna go back to the old way. It’s called ‘You vote and you win.’”

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3 Responses to " Trump Wins New York in Huge 61% Landslide, Takes Almost All Delegates "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    I hope he will win the elections hitlery would be a disaster and would certainly trigger WWIII.

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    • SGTSTEDENKO2 says:

      Trump or war !

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  2. skreamer says:

    They are all related to each other….your being taken for a ride again!
    They are all blood related to the queen!

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