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Trump Wins All Five Republican Presidential Primaries

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Donald Trump gained an even greater lead over his Republican counterparts after winning all five Republican presidential primaries Tuesday.

Being described as a “clean sweep,” Trump easily took the northeastern states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

“I’m winning by a lot of delegates, and I’m winning by millions of votes,” Trump told Fox News earlier today.

Trump’s victory, which follows last week’s big win in the presidential frontrunner’s home state of New York, moves him that much closer to the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. The win also deals a major blow to both Ted Cruz and John Kasich, who recently joined forces in an attempt to stop the hotel mogul.

As predicted, Ted Cruz came in 3rd in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island. Ted Cruz only managed to beat John Kasich in Pensylvenia and only by a small margin of 2.2%. Ted Cruz is done. People are sick and tired of this sneaky weasel, especially now with his new alliance, and the numbers show it.

On the democrat side, Clinton secured big wins in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware while Sanders took Rhode Island.


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