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Ted Cruz Steals Wyoming, Elections Canceled

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A Ted Cruz rally broke out at the Wyoming Republican Convention today.

Cruz then grabbed all 14 of 14 Republican National Delegates at the voter-less “contest” of thievery. Just like in communist countries, leaders are appointed and it doesn’t matter who votes or if you vote at all actually, it matters who counts the votes, if there are any.

The entire Republican room came to its feet, cheered and waved Cruz signs as Ted Cruz was introduced at the state convention to be appointed as winner without any elections whatsoever.

The Trump team had 6 candidate but they were all voted down at the convention.

“If you don’t want to see Donald Trump as the nominee, if you don’t want to hand the general (election) to Hillary Clinton, which is what a Trump nomination does, then I ask you to please support the men and women on this slate,” Cruz said, holding up a piece of paper of 14 recommended delegates.

Twelve members of that slate won. They are bound to the senator on the first ballot and have also made a non-binding pledge to stick with him as long as things go in Cleveland.

For Cruz, Saturday is another victory that demonstrates how his campaign has organized party insiders and activists with the sole purpose of stopping Trump and the people’s will to capture the 1237 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination. After April is over with New York and the remaining states, Cruz is done, it will be mathematically impossible for him to ever reach 1237, but he acts as if he doesn’t know about it.

The US presidential elections of this year has never been discussed globally at this large scale before but it has now captured the attention of the entire world. Some people are horrified that “racist” Trump is in the elections. World powers such as the former president of Mexico, China or the Pope have even conspired against the billionaire. Most people around the world however are stunned to learn how corrupted the US politics really are and how much thievery happens during these elections.

With all that said, America has a chance now, a chance to become famous and talked about all over the world thanks to Trump even if some of the discussions aren’t friendly, at least its talked about and its a huge free advertising for America as a country. So perhaps they should all embrace Trump and make him their president but before they do that, they should steal some more from him just to get more free advertising around the world.

Doesn’t matter its negative advertising. Its still advertising! Its better to be talked about negatively rather than fully ignored. Aren’t those words, the exact words the American presstitute media are using when Trump complains about all the negative ads and negative shows he gets?

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6 Responses to " Ted Cruz Steals Wyoming, Elections Canceled "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Cuban, Red Chinese, North-Korean style election, bravo guys, slow clap, you really managed to turn into a third world style banana republic senor cruz will be a muy bien commandante general el presidente, si si, sorry guys for the fake spanish crap its already late and I need to vent some steam, Good Luck you will need it, in fact we all do…

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    • felix1999 says:

      Junior Senator Cruz does have a problem…. He was born in Canada. His father was Cuban and his mother was a U.S. citizen. He will be challenged on this. Canada is not a U.S. territory or a U.S. military base as was the case with John McCain. The Senate went out of its way to pass legislation to make sure there were no issues for McCain and this was done BEFORE he ran for President. You see McCain like Dole, felt it was HIS turn to run for President based on seniority.. John McCain’s parents are both U.S. citizens and be was born in a military base in Panama. For McCain they CLARIFIED the issue BEFORE he ran for President because McCain is part of the GOP ESTABLISHMENT.
      Here is the legislation I refer to:

      Sponsor: Sen. McCaskill, Claire [D-MO] (Introduced 04/10/2008)

      Committees: Senate – Judiciary

      Latest Action: 04/30/2008 Resolution agreed to in Senate without amendment and with a preamble by Unanimous Consent. (consideration: CR S3645-3646; text of measure as passed Senate: CR S3646) (All Actions)


      So what did the Senate do for Rafael Edwardo Cruz, commonly known as “Ted”?
      NOTHING but this:

      “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) says the upper chamber won’t issue a resolution on whether Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is constitutionally eligible to run for president.”


      Hmmm, why the DIFFERENT response to “Ted”? This must be done at the FEDERAL level since it affects ALL the states. What a “natural born citizen” is must be defined. It can NOT be arbitrary. A man with standing already has a lawsuit in California challenging Cruz. More will pop up and the Democrats will certainly question this. Is ole Ted being set up?

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  2. FreedomFighter says:

    Cruz and the GOPe (the fake conservative arm of the corrupt Uniparty) are doing everything in their power to break up the republican party and insure a Hilly win.

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  3. felix1999 says:

    Cruz has no respect for the vote of the people. He will do and say anything to get elected.
    What reporters are not stating is Cruz is literally bribing people to sway delegates. You see the “rules” don’t explicitly say you can NOT do this. So Rafael Edwardo Cruz, which is his real name, commonly known as “Ted” is doing just that! In the past it was assumed a candidate had some integrity. Rafael has proven that to be a thing of the past.

    This is not the first state Cruz has done this.. Georgia and Louisiana were won by Trump in a landslide. but Cruz bribed his way though to get the delegates. Through his wife Heidi, who is on a leave of absence from Goldman Sachs is his ATM machines as well as other donors. The hedge fund folks do the funding at Goldman Sachs. They will pay anything to keep their wallets bursting. Even worse, Cruz is pursing this because he can’t win VOTERS. So he is trying to do an end run around the voters through delegates for the nomination. Trump has won over twice as many states as Cruz. in CLOSED CAUCUS primaries Cruz does better. In OPEN primaries TRUMP WINS and OPEN primaries most resemble the general election. If Trump is not the nominee at the convention he needs to go THIRD PARTY! I recommend the name, America 1st!

    The establishment GOP is doing everything possible to pick out candidate and we won’t let them. The truth is the establishment GOP really doesn’t mind if Hillary is the next President. The GOP is as corrupt as the Democrats. Bill Kristol a “conservative”, LOLLLLLLL has already stated he WILL vote for Hillary over Trump. Nice, huh? Should the voters make the GOP sign a juvenile pledge that THEY will support the nominee the people want? Or is it one sided? The losing candidates must support the nominee?

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    • LuvleeWA says:

      I saw where Laura Bush said she will be voting for Hillary. That’s VERY telling.

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  4. felix1999 says:

    I really wish the EU TIMES would also look into Cruz and his comings and goings in D.C., around the time his wife Heidi had her mental breakdown sitting near the highway.. Our media here is reluctant to dig into that. The LEFT knows Cruz will lose so they like seeing other have false hope. The GOP establishment knows Cruz will lose and they really don’t care because they want life to continue as usual. They like being an elite club.

    I am referring to the D.C.Madam’s Escort Service list of customers. Is Rafael Edward Cruz, commonly known as “Ted” on the notorious D.C. Madam’s list? The D.C. Madam’s list is going to be released, one way or another due to it’s IMPACT on a Presidential candidate as stated by the lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, who has the list of phone numbers.. He has been subject to a restraining order since 2007 barring him from releasing the information, which he says includes 815 names, addresses and Social Security numbers of Verizon Wireless customers. The D.C. Madam, Deborah Plafrey, committed suicide but the lawyer kept the information.. Sibley is being put off but I don’t think he will allow that to go on indefinitely. He KNOWS one of the candidates is on it and the likelihood is high that it is Ted Cruz based on other remarks he has made. It would actually fit the profile of Cruz…

    Recall —– >
    Pamela Martin (DC Madam) and Associates founded in 1993, closed down in 2007
    Rafael Edward Cruz, “Ted”, positions up until 2007
    1992 Graduated from Princeton University
    1995 Graduated from Harvard Law School
    1999-2003 Director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal trade Commission
    Associate Deputy Attorney General at U.S. Dept. of Justice
    Domestic and policy adviser to GWB 2000 Presidential campaign
    2003-2008 Solicitor General of Texas (visits back and forth from Texas to D.C.)

    Cruz is a real possibility for needing an prostitute, er escort ….. It’s rather clear if it’s not an under age girl to impress, he’d have to pay for it.

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