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Ted Cruz Orders Donald Trump to Fire Ronald Reagan Team

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Ronald Reagan’s team. From Left to Right: Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Lee Atwater. Photo from 1985. They are now supporting Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz, the Texas senator endorsed by establishment figures such as Jeb Bush, who might not even be eligible because of his Canadian citizenship, is now angrily ordering GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to fire his Ronald Reagan staff.

Ted Cruz used to brag during the Republican debates how Ronald Reagan he is. He used to say that he is the perfect replica, the very incarnation of Ronald Reagan and because of that, people should vote for him! Well guess what Ted? ALL the major advisors and executives who were on Ronald Reagan’s team, have now joined the Donald Trump’s team, not yours you slimy thief who steals votes and delegates!

Roger Stone worked in Ronald Reagan’s campaign for president, coordinating the Northeast. Even though he is not officially part of the Trump Campaign, he is supporting Donald Trump and he is committed in doing anything within his powers to see Trump get elected. Cruz slammed Roger Stone a while ago for “calling to violence and intimidation” but Roger Stone did NOT call for any kind of violence whatsoever. He called for a people’s assembly and protests against the election fraud and delegates stealing which is quite real and happening as we speak in states such as Cleveland which is the largest steal so far, Texas, Louisiana, Utah, Iowa and so on. Ted Cruz likes to brag that he is a constitutionalist. Well Ted, according to the First Amendment of the US Constitution, the people have the right of Freedom of Assembly. Maybe Ted Cruz is not such a big constitutionalist after all.

Paul Manafort was the southern coordinator for Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign and the deputy political director at the Republican National Committee. Paul now works for Donald Trump or “Donald Reagan” how he said it once during an interview. He made a mistake but not a far from the truth mistake. Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan are extremely similar.

These are the main people who helped Ronald Reagan get elected. They are now supporting Donald Trump.

Lee Atwater, may he rest in peace, was also an important figure in the Reagan campaign but unfortunately he is dead since 1991. Should he be alive today he would have definitely be on Trump’s side.

Even John Kasich has one former Reagan man in his team. Charles R. Black, Jr. who also worked for Ronald Reagan’s three Presidential campaigns, but guess what? It is now heavily rumored that John Kasich is about to join Trump’s team and become the next Vice President of the United States of America.

Bottom line, Ted Cruz is all alone here. No former Ronald Reagan staff member supports him, no true revolutionary and no real conservative supports him! Even Ron Paul called Ted Cruz a Goldman Sachs sellout and a fake conservative. Ted Cruz likes to brag that he is a Tea Party figure, yet the most important figure of the Tea Party, Ron Paul, slammed Ted Cruz on numerous occasions. Ted Cruz stopped Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill in the Senate, yet Trump who is a “fake conservative and a liberal” according to Ted Cruz, did call for an Audit of the Fed. Ron Paul didn’t endorse any of the remaining candidates but at least it shows you that he didn’t support Cruz who brags about how REAL CONSERVATIVE he is and calls Trump a liberal who funded Clinton all the time. Well Trump explained the reason for his donations also, numerous of times actually, yet Cruz doesn’t have ears to listen.

For God’s sake even their names are similar! rONALD and dONALD. It’s just the first letter which is different. Even their faces and body constitutions are somewhat similar. Both Ronald and Donald were entertainment figures. Ronald was an actor, did you all forgot that? Everybody shamed him for that back then, yet what is there to shame? The Hollywood entertainment industry lifestyle is craved by most people on the face of the planet yet you imbeciles try to make it sound as if its a bad thing!? Donald had his fair share of the industry. He appeared in several movies for a couple of seconds such as in Home Alone 2 for example. Of course, Donald also runs a multi-billion dollar company so he didn’t put much effort into the entertainment industry but yes, he was definitely attracted and intrigued by it just like Ronald.

Even their campaign slogans are almost exactly the same. Ronald’s slogan was “Let’s Make America Great Again”. Donald’s slogan is exactly the same, (just without “Let’s”): “Make America Great Again”.

Just look at how they are trying to stop and defame Donald just like they did with Ronald! They even played the same “racist” card on both of them which didn’t work on neither of them, except on some communist zealots who openly carried the red communist flag during the Chicago riots.

In fact if you think about it, its almost as if Donald Trump is an exact reincarnation of Ronald Reagan but with that said you don’t see Donald walking around bragging how Reaganish he is, yet you see Cruz doing it over and over again. This man simply has no shame. Ted Cruz is a Bush operative and an insider, a fake conservative mostly known as NEOCON who supported for the Amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants now he walks around Bible high puts it down then he starts lyin, tells his moronic followers how against illegal immigration he is!

Ted Cruz was desperate to get the endorsement of Alabama senator Jeff Session, one of the best anti-illegal immigration senators in the US. But guess who got the endorsement of senator Sessions? Donald Trump! Now if he was so pure on immigration why didn’t he get his endorsement? Donald Trump was even endorsed by Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio who even took Obama to court (in his absence) due to the illegal immigration issue. While we’re at Arizona, event he former governor Jan Brewer which was one of the harshest governors in America on illegal immigration supported Trump. Further more the National Border Patrol Council who represents 16000 border agents endorsed Trump, not Cruz!

Who important and REAL conservative in this country ever endorsed Cruz? Ted Cruz only got establishment endorsements! Not one single real outsider, real conservative endorsement! Just complete utter garbage! Jeb Bush endorsed Cruz, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Scot Walker now Marco Rubio and God knows what other traitors will support this guy. None of these people are conservatives. They are perfectly known under a different name NEOCONS but now these neocons have seen that people don’t want them anymore so they don’t call each other neocons anymore, they call each other “conservative” thinking that they can trick the voters. Sure they tricked a lot of weak minds out there, but not enough to win this time.

Ted Cruz is nothing like Ronald Reagan. Ted Cruz is the incarnation of George W. Bush which he defended during the debates numerous times.

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2 Responses to " Ted Cruz Orders Donald Trump to Fire Ronald Reagan Team "

  1. FreedomFighter says:

    Cruz is a hard core lefty. He adopted most of his campaign positions from the planks of the Trump campaign. But not because he believes in them, only because he saw they were popular. In the senate he advocated amnesty, coauthored articles with Ryan on the virtues of the TPP, pushed and made backroom deals he later reneged on to push through TPA. He supports open borders and advocated on the senate floor to bring over Syrian refugees and not to worry about our inability to vet them.
    These are the same combat aged male “refugees” overrunning Europe. Interesting that refugees have always been groups with women, children and senor as a vast majority while solder aged men who were not cowards were expected to dedicate themselves to the defense of their homes. No. These are occupation troops and 5th columnists.
    That’s who Ted is. A man who says one thing with his mouth while doing the opposite. Someone who speaks of Godliness and high morals but who seldom speaks the truth or finds himself bound to those morals. He touts patriotism and Constitutionality while his other face supports the destruction of America and obsoleting the Constitution through the NAU. He has far more in common in terms of his true positions with Hillary than he does with conservatives. The consummate liar and hypocrite.

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  2. RedBaron77 says:

    Rafael Cruz is a slimy little rat.

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