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Ted Cruz Is Violating Election Law With His Super PACs

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Ted Cruz has been brazenly violating election law his entire campaign and it actually took Trump’s campaign bring it up for it even to get any coverage. So over at Dan Abrams lawnewz.com, they describe how Cruz has been attending events that are coordinated by his Super PAC and his Super PAC has gone on to record the events and then post ads using that footage.

Now for those who don’t know there are few remaining election laws left in the United States but one of those laws and indeed is that you cannot coordinate with your Super PAC. The campaign for a candidate cannot coordinate with his Super PAC.

The Super PAC is technically an outside spending group and they’re supposed to have no affiliation and then the Super PAC can raise unlimited funds and spend unlimited funds on the election but the campaign has some laws that remain but he is violating election law here on multiple fronts. Again there’s supposed to be no coordination between the two and they’re creating events and then we have Ted Cruz come and speak at the events, that’s obvious coordination but they use a loophole to get around that simply by saying “Ohh no, we didn’t coordinate it with him, we set it up on our own and then we invited him after the fact and he’s our special guests, so no the event isn’t necessarily about him we set up the event first and then we invited him and now he’s our special guest.”

But then the area where there are arguably is no loophole at all is when they recorded they have the exclusive rights to that footage that they recorded from the event and then they make ads out of it. You’re not allowed to do that! So another thing that we’ve seen similar to this is, you have Mitch McConnell you had other Republican politicians and other Democratic politicians they would post a video online with no audio track with it and it would just be you know some goofy stuff it in Mitch McConnell’s case, it was him smiling and turning to the camera, The Daily Show made a mockery of this at the time and the Super PAC would then take that footage which they just happen to upload to the internet without audio and then they would add audio to it and they say “there was no coordination”. The campaign or Mitch McConnell himself just uploaded their own footage with no audio and then later on, the Super PAC would add the audio.

Coordination? What do you mean? There’s no coordination here! So the whole point of this story is to show you guys that, the few remaining laws that we have when it comes to elections are a joke, like they’re making a mockery of the few remaining laws that we have and I’m not kidding when I say the conservative justices on the Supreme Court are so immensely stupid that they didn’t see this coming. In fact I want to go ahead and give you a quote from one of the justices. This is just unbelievable! “We now conclude that independent expenditures including those made by corporations do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.” according to Citizens United. Think about how moronic that is. So outside spending groups whether it’s Super PACs which is the whole point of a Super PAC or they just corporation. So if the corporation is spending a tremendous amount to get a certain politician elected not only is that not corruption, they say that’s not even the appearance of corruption, so if you happen to have the opinion that that’s corruption they go “Oh you’re crazy why are you making links where there are no links?” Obviously you have the corporations and the Super PACs spending money to elect these candidates because they just happen to agree with their position on social issues they’re not trying to get favoritism and you know loopholes in later that help their companies and they’re not trying to get subsidies for example, no that’s got nothing to do with that.

Our entire system and the few remaining election laws that the US has, are predicated on a lie, or are predicated on a completely inaccurate and ridiculous understanding of human nature and the way the system works with incentives and now we see the fruits of this.

You have Ted Cruz who is already a slimy sleazy classic politician and he’s like “Ohh well there seems to be no punishment anyway for violating election law so even when there are election laws, the Super PAC needs to be separate from the campaign and from me, how about they will host events, I will show up, they will record it and have exclusive rights to that footage, they will put it online and make ads out of it.” You’re not allowed to do that! This should totally demolish in everybody’s mind that this ridiculous idea that indeed there’s a separation between the Super PAC and the campaign, there’s none! There’s absolutely coordination between Super PACs and campaigns and the idea that the spending has no influence on the candidates, you would have to be incredibly ignorant or naive or really just stupid in order to believe that.

You can see in the legislation, its not just our opinion, its not just conjecture, look at the things they propose. It’s not a coincidence that ExxonMobil spends a tremendous amount of money every year in lobbying, specifically for Republicans but even for some Democrats and then lo and behold they happen to get a $4 Billion subsidy corporate welfare check every year, under the guise of “They needed the money for research and development.” Right! One of the most profitable corporations on the planet needs incentive to continue to be one of the most profitable corporations on the planet! No! The incentive is the money they make anyway! Don’t be naive, don’t be dumb, its unbelievable the Supreme Court ruled this way in Citizens United, its unbelievable they ruled that way going back to the cases in the 1980’s which really started this trend of getting the virus and the cancer of money in politics and terrible terrible people like Ted Cruz and all the other politicians are going to take advantage of the system because we’ve got news for you, guys like that would have no chance of winning if there wasn’t for the fact that corporate money props them up.

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