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Ted Cruz committed Adultery with DC Madam Girls - Document Leak

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Ted Cruz the the purist who portrays himself as some modern day prophet, the true conservative, consistent and other nonsense, walks around, Bible high, puts it down, then he lies. Lyin’ Ted! He portrays himself as some sort of puritan prophet from Heaven yet he committed adultery multiple times on his wonderful Goldman Sachs wife Heidi Cruz!

If you don’t know what this is. It is a page of Debora Pelfrey,s phone records. (The DC Madam) Ted Cruz private numbers are supposedly on it!

So now what Cruz? Who are you going to blame now?

Looks like Teddy has been a very naughty boy for a very long time.


“The question now becomes, how many times did Ted Cruz name and number appear in the DC Madam’s records? With Ted Cruz playing the part of the devout Christian to woo Evangelical voters to his Presidential Campaign, his use of whores becomes particularly relevant to today’s election campaign.” Read full story here: https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/1095

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Meet The Cruz’s – A Man Has Needs”. Wonder if this was some sort of “poison (PEN) number” he was using to bust the D.C. Madam? You know…give them a number and play along to bust them in the end? After all, isn’t that what Ted’s all about? Saying one thing in disguise in order to do another? That is what he always says when he gets caught. The question is, will it work this time?

Why the goblin Ted Cruz is even at 1% in the polls, let alone 20-40% is a complete mystery. Perhaps 20-40% of America is retarded??


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One Response to " Ted Cruz committed Adultery with DC Madam Girls - Document Leak "

  1. Whoelse Plouffe says:

    Thats where Lyin Cheatin Ted met Heidi.. she was a call girl for the DC Madam! Boot them all out of the states

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